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Where do you find sheets of music for the piano?

Asked by Wine (636points) November 3rd, 2012

I’m trying to re-learn how to play the piano on my own, but I’ve found that I can’t find most of the songs that I’m passionate about online. I have a wk-220 keyboard that’s supposed to be able to read notes if I have the file, but I don’t know how this process works either. Other than using the site onlinepianist.com and the popular ones that are easily found on google, how can I find free sheets of music?

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@marinelife I’d prefer something free. Seeing that I don’t feel comfortable with entering any private information online and that I’m sure someone else has purchased the sheets making it easy to repost it online.

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@Wine Why do you think you can get sheet music for free? I know there is some sheet music available online. I just google the name of the tune together with the terms “sheet music” and if the music is out there, it will show up. But if it isn’t in the public domain, then you can buy it from a publisher, or, I suppose, try to find someone who will send you a copy. Although, why they would take the time to do that, I don’t know. Also it would be depriving the writer of income.

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@wundayatta Because it isn’t necessary for each user to pay for it. It’s unfortunate for the writer, but that’s just how it is with the internet now. Why should I pay when it’s so simple to upload and spread it online.

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Because it’s the right thing to do.

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By the same reasoning, @Wine, you should be able to walk into grocery stores and shops and help yourself to the merchandise without paying. After all, who wouldn’t prefer to get valuable goods for free?

Naturally you should also go to work and do your job for nothing. I’m sure your employer would prefer not to have the expense of payroll, especially if they’re not getting any money for the products or services they sell.

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One difference is that any type of store has security to prevent shoplifting, unfortunately the internet doesn’t have that same level of security.

I choose to work with knowing that there is security that I’ll be paid. By being involved with an industry that obviously does not have the same type of security-well that came with the decision that they originally made.

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I would never hire or work with or be friends with anyone with ethics like those. I find it odd that you expect to be paid, but you don’t think you should pay others for their work. Why would anyone work if they didn’t get some reward for it? Even musicians need to eat.

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You may not believe it is the right thing to do and if you don’t agree with my beliefs, you’re free to leave.

I’m simply looking for sheets of music that I don’t have to pay for seeing that there are a majority of them conveniently found online without a price.
That’s kind of like saying I’d rather view an art gallery online than paying to visit it in person. I’m viewing their work and i’m not paying for this sight! Oh my, how terrible!
I’m looking for something that’s intentionally made public, so thank you in advance to any future help.

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I already told you how to find the stuff that is intentionally made public. Google the song with the terms “sheet music.” I’ve been able to find things that way.

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I’d suggest re-reading my question.

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[Mod says]: Just a friendly reminder that posting information for illegal activity would be against the guidelines. Nothing has been posted yet, but I wanted to remind everyone, OP included, that illegal content will be removed if it is posted. Thanks!

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I have a few sheets set aside for when I play with my organ, but that’s another story.

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