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Could this be nerve damage as a result of gerbil bite?

Asked by trypaw (332points) November 3rd, 2012

So I was bitten by a gerbil almost 2 weeks ago on my middle finger knuckle. (2nd joint) He bit and latched on for several seconds before letting go, and honeslty the bite isnt even that bad just my reaction was. I was admitted to the hospital because I am allergic to gerbils and had a allergic reaction. My hand swelled up and so did my arm. It swelled all the way up to almost my elbow. Anyways, the swelling went away 1 week ago and ever since sometimes I feel some pains (aches) in my surrouding fingers/arm/hand. Just little aches. My hand/fingers are not numb in any way, and they respond fine to hot and cold. My thumb started to randomly twicth a little a couple days ago but it went away withen a minute. I am just wondering if there could have been any nerve damage done from the bite and is this the reason I am experiences these pains? Or quite possibly could the pains be due to the hand and fingers still recovering from such a event and the swelling. I am worrying myself sick about this and would just like some insight on whats going on. If you have any advice or information it is greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

Also I am still on antibitoics until wednesday to prevent infection and had xrays done before admittance. I am just worried about any type of severe damage.
My pinky finger aches alot and is one of the fingers (as well as the thumb) that did not swell up. Why would my fingers that didn’t swell be aching?

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He bit the outside of your finger?

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In order to get a knowledgeable and definitive answer, you should really see a hand surgeon for evaluation.

This is someone who makes their living from knowing anything and everything about the intricacies of the nerves and muscles of the hand.

There’s a lot going on in a small area, much of which affects dexterity. If you are concerned then get an expert opinion.

AFAIK no one on Fluther is a hand surgeon.

The most we can do is guess.

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Just sayin- keep on it. Make sure you take all your anti biotics and see your doctor. I was gardening years ago and got bacteria under my cuticle. My finger swelled and hurt, and one day at work ( I am a dentist and it was my predominant hand ) I threw up and fainted. Short story, I was hospitalised for weeks and almost lost my hand. Career. DON’T think it’s a small thing. Good luck I hope you will be ok.

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Relax, Richard.

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