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How can you help me to make me look like a good figure skater?

Asked by kimchi (1416points) November 3rd, 2012

I am going skating with my cousin, and I want to look like I am good. I can do sit spin, spin, waltz jump, and othe basic tricks, but can you help me to look like I am goo? And how?

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Practice practice practice.

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Wear a really cute outfit. Bulky leg warmers will make your legs look long and strong. Don’t overdo your skill. Anybody that can do what you can do on ice will look like an expert. You’ll be fine.

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Yes, just don’t try to do anything extreme. You’ll crash and look like you can’t skate. Stick to your basics and you’ll be fine.

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You can only do what you can do. Nothing will enable you to leap into a triple lutz today so stand up straight, smile and enjoy yourself.

Here is a record of an adult skater who improves his waltz jump over four years. Watch his posture, the arch of his back and his arms and hands as he becomes more confident.


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