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What do you think about this co-worker's rant?

Asked by jca (35976points) November 3rd, 2012

I got an email from someone who works where I work (I call him a coworker but we do not work for the same department, just in the same location). He is about 20 years older than I am. We were discussing the fact that I left my home in Hurricane Sandy and came to a resort two states to the north. My parents stayed in their cold, dark house and I was saying I had asked them to come join me, and I couldn’t understand why they weren’t.

This is what he wrote. I want to know if it’s crazy, logical, or whatever your opinion may be of what he wrote:

‘You are the problem, not your parents. They are sound and responsible in their decisions. It’s a shame that the younger generations have lost all sense of responsibility and commitment. I don’t leave my house in emergencies, even if it was on fire. Your parents, as well as I, know how much money and effort we have put into our homes and livelihoods, something the youth of today knows crap about, because they have been coddled and privileged all their lives. They have been given everything and have given nothing back. A shame, so sad…..I have been working since I was 11 years old and other than a roof over my head till I got out of college at 21, it’s been all me. My parents were not able to lavish my sisters and me in luxury and money but they gave us understanding, knowledge, commitment and meaning.”

At that point, I said “well I guess they are becoming part of the problem because they’re on their way!” (my parents decided to join me and were coming up).

Was his rant totally crazy? Does anything of what he said make sense to you?

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I don’t leave my house in emergencies, even if it was on fire.
^ That says it all. He values possessions more than his health and even life, up to the point where he would take the high probability of death just to not to “abandon” his property.
He is insane.

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@jca I noticed the same thing. I don’t leave my house if it’s on fire. They’re fucking nuts. Ignore them. If they give you any more crap tell them I said they are fucking nuts. And they do not want a mountain man on they’re ass.

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He wouldn’t leave his house if it was on fire? Ha! What an idiot. Perhaps he was a pirate in a former life…a good pirate goes down with his ship!

He sounds a little crazy to me. And that condescending “you young people” attitude is enough for me to discredit him. I can’t stand that shit.

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No, he is the screwed up one. (And I don’t think it has anything to do with generations.)

1. By not evacuating, he is endangering first responders as well as himself.

2. He is putting a house—a thing—above the safety of his family.

3. Also what does have the common sense to evacuate have to do with work ethic and commitment? Answer: Nothing.

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That guy has a chip on his shoulder so big I bet he leans when he walks! He’s just pounding on his highchair. All you can do is just smile and walk off. You’re not going to be able to tell him anything he will listen to.

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I don’t think this person had any business whatsoever scolding you like that. You made a personal decision. So did your parents. If they refused a mandatory evacuation, they might be considered foolhardy. Short of that, they went with their own best judgment and so did you. Your coworker was out of line.

If I were you, I would definitely not be telling this individual any of my personal business from now on.

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He is a fucking cactus, and on a good day a bag of chips.

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I know you are upset right now, but trust me, some people just rant and some people are just nuts. We have no control over peoples behaviors and that thought brings some release. So in your mind, shove that person, in the nutter shoebox.

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I liken a hurricane to any storm disaster. If I know a tornado is coming my way, I’m in the basement. If I know a blizzard or winter wind storm is on it’s way, I buy the supplies I need, check & recheck the plumbing to make certain it won’t freeze, up the thermostat in case the power goes out…and on it goes.

Why? I have to stay in my home. I have a lot of animals to keep safe.

If I was either on my own, or it there were only humans in my home, I’d be much more likely to pack up and I’d quite frankly go to another location altogether. I’d make a trip out of it.

It sounds like he’s rather judgmental, in love with his possessions, and not prepared in case an actual emergency happens.

You felt safer leaving. I would, too. There was a good amount of warning prior to this storm. You had time to prepare your home, pack up & go. Good for you.

He felt safer staying. He could’ve just said that. Instead, he chose to rant. I’d shrug it off as him not knowing how to handle stress & change. He sounds like a rigid thinker to me.

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These types of comments, especially in written form, have no place in the workplace. Did he send it to your work email address? If he keeps bothering you and sending you personally judgemental emails, report him to HR.

His high horse is made of a paper mache he has collected over the years as chips on his shoulders.

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@johnpowell I don’t understand your answer, but it’s definitely my favourite thing on the internet today. :)

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Sounds like a dumbass, and it also sounds like he values possessions more than the simple joy of living, and is saying you should too. He sounds old fashioned, and that’s a very harsh thing for him to say in a delicate situation like where you or your parents are potentially losing your homes. Yes he is a cactus.

“I would rather burn to death along with my home than survive but lose all my belongings” is what he said, paraphrased. Idiot

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Wait, @deni, what do you mean “He sounds old fashioned”? Are you saying you do think this attitude correlates with age?

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He sounds like some kind of nut. In fact, I have never heard of a more uncalled-for and wildly crazy rant in my life. His view on personal safety and responsibility is so twisted that it leaves me speechless.

Personally I can’t understand why a person would not get out of harm’s way when things like this happen. It has nothing to do with privilege, or how hard a person has worked for his/her possessions, it has to do with intelligence and maybe a sense of self preservation.

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