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Got any tips for starting a dog walking business?

Asked by Lisaspeer (14points) November 3rd, 2012

Any hidden things I might need to know BEFORE starting a dog walking business? Any kind of insurance I might need? Any common problems with this business? Could I be sued if a pet escapes or gets hurt on my watch? Anything I might not be thinking of but is a huge deterrent for starting this business? Got any tips or helpful hints? (fees, etc)

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Okay, in the words of Steve Martin, first get a dog. Kidding. You need liability insurance for your business. Check in your state to see if it’s subject to sales tax. And keep good records.

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Same “source” as for your other question.

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Can you control the dogs you are walking? Not only do you have to consider whether the dog in your care is injured, you must also consider your dog hurting another. If you are to enter the house of a client while they are not home, you should be bonded. As I said in the other question, if you do not have experience in dog handling/obedience training, you might want to do that before you take on walking a half dozen big dogs at the same time.

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Set up flyers around your neighborhood with your name, experiences, and phone number. Then, all you have to do is wait! Or perhaps your neighbor has a dog. Maybe try asking them?

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