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Video game boss battle where enemy ignores you. Easier or Harder?

Asked by AntJR (131points) November 3rd, 2012

In most video games, in boss battles, your enemy always engage you when you fight them, they usually fight with equal strength, if not more. But what if there were a boss fight where the enemy completely ignores your presence and/or they try to avoid you at all costs so they absolutely want nothing to do with you.

I had an idea, an antagonist who has a cold distant personality so he naturally believes its ok to ignore people, he’s also very focused on a particular hobby, so when you try to fight him, he’ll never stop what hes doing. You actually try to fight him many times through the game, but the main character cant emotionally bring himself to even bother with him because there’s nothing he hates more than being ignored! and the character also has the power to make everything he ignores disappear, so nothing else except what he focuses on matters. That means all damage too, if hes harmed, the damage disappears if he ignores it(like a way to “cure” himself), and theres also a chance YOU could disappear if you’re within his radius after a certain amount of time, so you’d need to find out an action that will prevent him from ignoring you, to defeat him. and that happens very close to the end of the game. You cant finish the game unless you defeat him.

In your opinion, would that make the fight Easier, or Harder?

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Sounds here like this engaging the fight, rather than fighting. Like all that crap you have to do, under time pressure, to fight the optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII If you don’t hurry up and scuttle along, he just kind of goes, you know what, screw you guys. ’‘poof!’’

I see where you’re getting at though. Not sure what to think of it, only that, if trying to get him to notice you works well enough with the gameplay included in the game, it would be kinda cool. Almost sounds like it could poke fun at JRPG’s standards. If it’s identical enough to fighting, as in, choosing commands and options, it could be as equally frustrating as a normal boss fight, and pretty interesting. If you don’t find the specific methods and all…although if you ask me, that kind of idea should remain in the story part of the game; ain’t nothing like a good, epic boss fight, especially near the end of the game. Changes and new ideas are cool, but some things have to remain. It might kind of piss me off at the end of the game, if my whole adventure was just trying to get some guy to notice me, and still he’s so busy not caring that his very disposition teleports me out of the battle field or something. :/

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@Symbeline Thanks, it does kind of parody RPG standards, but is an innovative boss fight at the same time. oh, also, hes not the final boss, just one of the main antagonists. The final bosses of the game wont be like him, they wont ignore you and they’ll engage you. I also came up with another character thats like him. Hes also a boss(not the final boss) of the game, hes in a different game though. Basically, hes a famous movie star, when you think you’ve found his location, one of his secretaries is there and you’ll have to schedule an appointment with them. You’ll have to keep rescheduling though because he has “other matters to attend to” hes well aware you want to fight him though, lol :)

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LOL I love the idea of having to schedule a fight with a boss. That’s pretty funny and imaginative, and could work well with the gameplay, too. (like getting different endings, depending on how and when you manage to get him to respect his appointment or whatever)

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@Symbeline Thanks, I love your comments, and your answers :) and I’ve got plenty more creative and imaginative ideas where that came from :D

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Infinitely harder. Lovely idea. I hope you develop this game.

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@trailsillustrated Thanks, I really hope I get to develop it someday too, the sooner the better! :D

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Hurry up. We need a new topic to play. I have to go pick up special ops 3, it’s gettin old. Are you networking like you should be? This game could be the answer of all answers.

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This is much like the tactics wives use post argument with their husbands, the silent i’m right & you’re wrong fuck you treatment.
Drives us blokes around the bend, it should rile up your average gamer no end.

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@ucme Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it that way before, it is like that :)

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