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What is the name of this song?

Asked by emilianate (594points) November 3rd, 2012
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Nearer My God to Thee It’s a beautiful piece of Old Time spiritual music that the band played as the RMS Titanic sank.

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Glad to help. Here’s the lyrics. We used to sing it in services in the Presbyterian Church I grew up in. It was written by Sarah F. Adams in 1841.

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I was kinda thinking Leaning on the everlasting arms. Hmm gonna have relisten. You are probably correct ETPro.

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@ETpro is definitely correct.

This is “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.”

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I concede. : ). Beautiful song, both of them.

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@rosehips No argument there. I’ve been an atheistic agnostic for ages, but still love the music.

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Haha I just happen to have a Christain background I haven’t been to church in a decade.. Minus an occasional wedding/funeral. (Not at the same time.) Still I sing or hum hymns on occasion.
I guess they have to have something that let’s people stand up from those wretched pews and take notice.

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