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Can you tell for the users avatar and/or user name if they're male or female?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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sometimes. like i am pretty sure allie and melly are females. i got confused with you initially because your avatar shows a little boy :)

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Tell me I’m a pretty girl.

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You are a pretty girl AstroChuck.

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some are really hard to tell, others not so much.

Allie's avatar

Sometimes. I’m obviously (hopefully obviously) a girl.
Haha, thanks PnL.

Buster, johnpowell, rich, AstroChuck are guys.
Lovelyy, gailcalled – ladies, for sure.

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And I guess my new one would give the illusion of having girl parts. Hopefully the name makes it obvious.

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@jp: I initially thought you said ‘pants’, not ‘parts’. I guess your avatar could just indicate you were a guy wearing girls’ pants. That’s understandable.

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Those that have themselves in their avatar, generally make it clear which gender they are….the rest is hit and miss.
Oh, and AstroChuck is a pretty girl :)

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★ girl ★

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I think my avatar might suggest chick…but the one I want you can’t see my horrid hand injuries suffered from falling off a bike in Laos. Considering my living in China and the coolness of Panda’s I’ll stick with this one for awhile.

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horrid? how horrid?

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maybe a boy, maybe a girl….who knows..i might be both, or even more….ooooh

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everyone should have a pic of them.

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I have plenty pics of me…..I just don’t use it here.

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I can’t go to myspace…...I’ll get seizures and catch fire if I do.

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haha LOL.

Are you serious?

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Well I assume that’s what’ll happen if I expose myself to all that nonsense, attention-seeking, emo-self-promoting…...I haven’t tested this theory yet – and I don’t really want to.

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Not really as you could put anything up there couldn’t you? If I went by avatars then jlelandg is a panda ehe.

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My banjos are male, but my ukuleles are female. I would think that my guitars are male…but I could be wrong.

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@banjo, you do realize that you drew your banjo avatar phallicly, right? ;-)

playthebanjo's avatar

No, I used Adobe Illustrator CS3. Can I use Phallicly to draw vector shapes? I am always interested in new applications.

playthebanjo's avatar

hmm…from that page, which definition are you using?

robmandu's avatar

more the “bewildered” than anything else (the classic definition).

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I guess it was a bad joke. I think it would be more phallic if I rotated the image 45 degrees.

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