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What is the name of the one hula that every Hawaiian who has done hula knows?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7795points) November 4th, 2012

There seems to be this one hula that everyone who has done hula seems to know. When you go aloha festivals and such, it seems that a lot of people get up to dance this one. Of course, every halau does it a bit differently and there are slight individual variations, but you can tell it is still basically the same dance.

What’s the name of the dance (or the mele)?

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Hula ‘Auan (using melodic instruments) as opposed to Hula Kahiko (older version, using only drums)

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@josie Thank you for your response. I was not referring to modern vs. traditional hula, but rather to one specific song that everyone seemed to know how to dance to (probably because they were taught this in their youth or at school). I’ve seen this a couple of times at festivals, when they needed something to fill the time and keep the people entertained while other preparations were underway.

I’ve asked around, and there were 3 that were mentioned, but there seems to be no consensus:

Ke Aloha
Noho Paipai
Papalina Lahilahi

Any Hawaiians out there care to opine?
Perhaps there is no single answer. Are all 3 very well known?

@Tropical_Willie Hukilau seems oriented toward tourists, but thank you for your answer; I appreciate it.

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“Hukilau” is correct. @Tropical_Willie beat me to it.

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@Hawaii_Jake and @Tropical_Willie OK, will add Hukilau to the list. Maybe all of them are well known. Now I know to look for these at the next festival or celebration! Thank you.

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Some islands in Hawaii have their own, like Beautiful Kauai.

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@Tropical_Willie Very nice. Thanks for the Beautiful Kauai. Are the dancers people you know?

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They perform at the E Kanikapila Kakou ( Local Jam Session ) on Monday nights in the February and March each year. There are up to 300 people that attend each week. Local talent and visiting artists.

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