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(NotSafeForStomachs) Question about cats and de-worming?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) November 4th, 2012

A cat has a serious roundworm problem and was given a de-wormer, does he eventually poop out the dead worms?

How does the de-worming work?

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By the way, this was his second de-worming.

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It depends on the medication used and the severity of the infestation.
Some worms may be passed, this is usually tapeworms that are visible, others are simply absorbed into the digestive tract.
It is always best to use a vet for worming, many OTC worming products are ineffective at the least and can be toxic at worst. A wormer intended for roundworms may not kill tapeworms, etc.

2 treatments several weeks or a month apart is the usual protocol for most wormings.

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The vet gave him Milbemax.

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His belly is no longer distended, which is good.

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Sorry, I removed my answer when I realized you were referring to roundworms, not tapeworms. Got a little off topic.

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It’s not unusual to see roundworms in the stool, although it’s more common in dogs.

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I had a cat once that had roundworms, and the cat puked and there were moving worms in the puke (worm a few inches long). It was the most disgusting thing. I had the cat to the vet ASAP and the problem was all gone.

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Usually I inspect the poop. I put on gloves and pull the poo apart, to be certain the de-wormer is working.

Since you’ve noticed the belly returning to normal, I’d assume the de-wormer did it’s job. I tend to deworm all pets at once to make sure they aren’t being shared.

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I’ll give it a third go in three weeks. He had an awful case of them.

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Reminds me of the time years ago a sick stray cat I had taken in vomited up about a 10 inch tapeworm a few days after I had found him. My ex husband immediately began gagging and had to RUN from the room. lol It was bad!

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@Coloma Haha. With seeing his roundworms during the first de-worming, spaghetti is so unappealing. I dropped a big piece of cooked onion on the floor and when my g/f came into the kitchen she screamed. Thought it was a tapeworm. lol

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My vet said that would probably happen when I had Barnabus dewormed. I never saw it though. I don’t really look at his poop though and the litterbox is in a closet so I probably wouldn’t have known even if it did. But even when I cleaned it, didn’t see any worms. I only saw them the time I found out he had them, when he took a dump in the middle of the carpet and they were crawling out of it. I screamed for thirty seconds.

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