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Are you kicking back on this "Fall back" morning/afternoon?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) November 4th, 2012

11:32 a.m. PST now and I am really enjoying the extra hour gained.
Still kicking around on my PJ’s, wandering in & out on this beautiful, slightly nippy and sunny fall morning.
I’m feeling no guilt, because, HEY…I’ve been up for hours already. lol
I am contemplating giving my yard a brisk blowjob, but then again, maybe not. ;-P
What are you doing with your extra hour today?

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Football, beer, and working out that pesky World Peace thing.

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We had ours last week and I spent it sleeping.

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Yikes! I completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder. We retired folks sometimes lose the rhythm. At least I usually know what day it is.

Hmmm. I have a few people coming to my house for a meeting this afternoon. I wonder what time they’re going to show up.

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@Jeruba I’ve forgotten a time or two and been late to work over the years. haha
I only have to reset the clock in my car, I turned the rest of the clocks back this morning.

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At least once at this time of year, I set my clock the wrong way and arrived for an event two hours early. And that was while I was still a slave to the conventions of consensual time.

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I haven’t kicked back for over a week. In emotional survival mode.

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@janbb I’m so sorry the Penguin has been displaced. You’ll be drifting on this nomadic iceberg for awhile it seems. :-(

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I lost it to jet-lag :(

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Because I have my grandson’s, it doesn’t work for me. They don’t follow the time on a clock. The older one is just getting to point where he can tell time, but they sleep 8 hours or so, no matter what, and their parents have asked me to observe a 10 pm bedtime.

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Changed mine last night, so I got to stay up later haha. Yeah I’m kicking back in this new hour of darkness, but I always kick back as humanly possible anyway, especially on Sundays.

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We stayed up an extra hour last night to watch a marathon session of Sons of Anarchy. Today I am lounging after making a delicious pumpkin strudel coffeecake. The house smells so good right now.

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I always find daylight savings time disconcerting, whether we’re springing forward or falling back! I’m always thrown off and confused for a couple days after it happens. It’s even more crazy when I’m awake when it happens, like I was last night. It’s so weird to have the same hour happen twice in a row!

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my day. I went to the drugstore to buy some makeup and then practiced driving on the highway with my mom for about an hour and now I’m just enjoying having the house to myself for a couple hours. I had a suuuper busy day yesterday (I had to wake up early to take the SAT, met my friend at the mall for a couple hours right after that and only had a couple hours of downtime before the homecoming dance! I didn’t get home until late and didn’t sleep until even later) so I’m really enjoying having kind of a lazy day. Luckily, I don’t have school tomorrow or on Tuesday, so I’ll have two extra days to keep enjoying it! :P

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I am feeling pain for an extra hour. I am hurting so much it’s hard to concentrate on anything. I only got three or four hours of sleep last night.

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Years ago I was giving an 8th birthday party for my son in my 14th floor NYC apartment. It was the third week in April.

Planning ahead, I had an hour to go and was in my slip (we wore them in those days) and had orange juice sized rollers in my hair.

The doorman buzzed me and said that a bunch of parents and children were up their way up in the elevator.

I had thirteen floors in which to get dressed and rip curlers out of hair.

It was the only time I forgot to change the clocks.

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@marinelife So sorry to hear that!

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No, Sunday is usually the day I have to hustle because I’ve been kicking back too much all weekend. That said, I do have a “study break” planned with a striking young gentleman this evening ;)

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Even at my age, like @mangeons I always find daylight savings time disconcerting, whether we’re springing forward or falling back! I’m always thrown off and confused for a couple days after it happens.

Anyway, I took advantage of the day/extra hour and thoroughly cleaned a room (yep, just one), and it’s still early (to me). Now, what’s for dinner?

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Many things to do today. Took my daughter to a college fair. Went shopping. Had lunch at the Reading Terminal Market. Even took a moment or two just to look at interesting things.

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3:33 here now, nice afternoon, noticing the light change with the hour. I have been dottering abou searching for fall leaves and flowers to make flower arrangements with and thoroughly in-joying the day. :-)

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No, I had to work and now it’s 5:00 and already dark and I hate it! I did eat the best quesadilla of my entire life earlier though, so overall a great day.

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I’ve been displaced from my home since Monday, 6 days ago, due to Hurricane Sandy. I have been at a friend’s timeshare two states north, and my parents came up two days ago (Friday). We went swimming today and then to a mall. I have been kind of thrown off, sc hedule-wise, all week due to not being at work. I am missing work Monday, which means 6 days of my vacation time. At home, I have no power, heat and little water. It’s pretty cold here this time of year, probably in the 40’s. My parents have no heat either (which is why they came here to join me) and they said it’s warmer outside than in the house. I can do without lights, but I can’t do without heat. My daughter’s school was closed all last week and will be closed tomorrow (Monday), too. They said even if the power went on today, the buildings would be too cold by tomorrow morning for them to have school.

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@jca I’m so sorry that you have to go through that, and I certainly hope that everything gets resolved soon! Best wishes to you and your family.

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