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How do you unclog a toilet?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 4th, 2012

Okay, I can’t drive because I am too young. So I can’t go anywhere. All I have a plunger and I don’t know how to use it. My toilet is clogged with… You know, the brown stuff. Can anyone give me tips on how to use this plunger? Please?

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Okay, what we do for jellies. Put the plunger in the toilet and push it against the drain hole. Make sure it’s flush against the bottom of the toilet, then force it down hard a few times. Make sure it’s touching the drain so you don’t splash when you push down.

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Thanks, adiron…

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Using shorter but faster motions works better than slow, longer motions in my opinion. Make sure that the plunger is straight, too.

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Let us know how it comes out.

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@kimchi Another good idea is to have a bucket ready before you start that will only be used to store the plunger. And don’t use Liqiud Plumr or other drain clearing fluids in a toilet.

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@chyna i sure hope that nothing comes out…

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If you use a plunger properly it should work. The point is to force air down the drain to get the blockage to move. I had this problem recently for the first time while living by myself with no one to help me haha but I looked a some diagrams and did pretty much what @Adirondackwannabe said and once I got the plunging motion right it cleared right out. I had also put some dish soap in the toilet to lube things up, not sure if that helped or not. And also I usually turn the water off to prevent it from overflowing (has happened before. Foul)....also you can pour hot water into the toilet (but not hotter than you’d be able to drink, so don’t boil it) and that can help in breaking things up too if you’re really having trouble with the plunger.

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Sometimes I just pout some dish washing soap in there and let it sit for about 10 minutes while I fill a pot with hot water that I heat on the stove. I pour the hot water into the bowl and let that sit for a while again. Then more dish washing liquid and more sitting for 10 minutes. Finally I will flush. It often works.

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You can use a plunger both ways. That is, you can use it to force the goods down the hole, and you can also set up a suction with the business end to pull it back. That may be necessary from time to time to help loosen the clog.

And don’t push air with the plunger, unless you have one of those newer bulb-shaped ones that works with a much larger bolus of air than the old-fashioned cup-shaped plungers. Those do better when you lower them into the bowl so there is no air at all in the plunger, and you’re using water pressure alone to set up the positive (or negative) pressure (or suction).

Rinse off the rubber end with the hottest water you can draw in the bathtub after you’re done, and then rinse out the tub, too, again with hot water.

PS: Don’t jump the gun and attempt to flush again until the water level has been reduced to way below normal in the bowl.

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I remind myself to stand up straight and keep the plunger upright also. Use vigorous and rapid up and down motions. The rubber head of the plunger should make an unpleasant squelching sound when it breaks the vacuum.

PS. You are allowed to say “excrement.”

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THANKS EVERYONE! Got it fixed already by taking everyone’s advice and mashing them together. I fixed it about a day ago. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks, guys! P.S sorry for the TMI!

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use a plunger and start pumping away!

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