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Freshmen college students: how is your first year of school going?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) November 5th, 2012

This past summer we had a lot of Q’s asking about students who were about to start their first year of college, I was just wondering how it is going? Do you love it? Hate it?

Do you live in the dorms? Do you plan to next year? Did you join a fraternity/sorority? Have you made new friends? Determined a major? Was it what you expected? Is school near where you grew up, or did you move far from your family?

Give us an update to any of the college related questions you asked in the past.

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So far, my year is going better than expected. I’m still not a fan of the location of the school and the distance from home (3~ hours). I wish I were able to see my family more often and that it wasn’t such a long drive- I got really sick a couple of weeks ago and it was a nightmare to deal with because of the distance from home. I also find myself still wishing I could be in DC. But the dorms here are really nice and, despite the location and distance from home being less than ideal, I’ve been happy overall. I’ve met tons of new people and made a lot of great friends, and some of us hope to live together again next year! My roommate and I get along great, and we are very close with one of our suite-mates (we share a suite with two other girls). We have had some issues with the fourth girl being very immature, but no major problems and we get along with her well enough. Compared to how badly some roommate relationships turn out, I’m certainly glad that things have worked out as well as they have. I haven’t been able to get a job yet, so money is definitely tight, but I’m managing. I will be able to have my car here next semester, and that will hopefully make traveling to and from home and finding a job easier.

Though I just entered school this past fall, I’m recognized as a sophomore and I am on track to graduate a year early due to high school credits, which I’m really glad about. I haven’t changed my major from International Relations and I plan to also have a minor in French. My school offers a study abroad internship program in Paris that I’m really interested in participating in next year- an internship in the government there would be amazing! I like all of my classes as a whole (save for one class taught by an unbearable, insane professor) and I’m doing well in my classes thus far.

I joined Student Government in the beginning of the year, but it turned out to be more like indentured servitude, so I’ve moved on from that and I am now looking into joining the College Democrats Club. I’m actually a little disappointed with how few clubs are available at the school and how disorganized they are- I had hoped to be more involved than I am able to be.

Though I wouldn’t say that I love or hate college itself one way or the other, I really like being independent and living on my own. I’ve always been kind of an independent person, and that didn’t always work so well in a family dynamic. I find that, as a whole, I am a happier person living on my own (as much as I can with roommates, anyway) and I can focus more on what’s best for me.

As a whole, I’ve been pretty happy here. And I won’t be under mountains of crushing debt when I graduate, which is a plus! ;)

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