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Why am I so tired?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) November 5th, 2012

I don’t get this, if I go to bed at 5am and wake up at 11am that is only 6 hours of sleep and with a cup of coffee I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start the day. But if I go to bed at 3am and wake up at 9am (still only 6 hours of sleep) it doesn’t matter how many cups of coffee I have I’m still tired and fighting to keep my eyes open. Why is that? I’m still getting the same amount of sleep either way.

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People’s bodies have different biorhythms. For some, refreshing sleep is in the morning. For others, it’s at night.

Or, you could be getting bipolar disorder. Needing less sleep is a symptom (but I think the chances of this are low).

Or you might only think you feel more awake later, but in fact you are equally sleepy.

Or, a theory to be named later.

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I am basically a nocturnal human being. No matter how much sleep I get, if it’s at night and I must wake up early in the morning, I’m still tired. Now that I sleep during the day and wake up at night, if I’ve had enough sleep I feel much more awake. Maybe you’re just on the wrong sleep schedule for you.

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Caffeine keeps you up, but makes it harder to get good sleep. Lots of coffee may just make you feel more restless

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Do a little research about the term Circadian Rhythms.

There are places doing specialized research and studies and you may find something helpful for your personal situation.

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If you can access it, and further to @Buttonstc response, you might want try taking the test at…it might help. I dunno.

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