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Will I ever make it?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) November 5th, 2012

…to 10k? I just hit 9 today.

Look at my account page. I joined almost on my 14-and-a-halfth birthday, May 15, 2009. I’ve had an account here for 3-and-a-half years now and, just a couple of weeks ago, got back to using Fluther regularly (somewhat).

I wonder what the longest record drive is. Of course, I’d be willing to bet I am more than in contention.

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The more lurve you accumulate, the harder it is to receive more (because of the lurve caps). Makes you appreciate the effort put in by the old-timers, huh? ;)

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I bet you’ll get to 10K just a little bit before I do, sonny! ;-)

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A watched kettle never boils.

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Having a whole bunch of lurve just means you spend way too much time on this site. It really isn’t something to be proud of. ;)

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@jonsblond Oh shush it means everything.

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You will make it one day, if you keep on plugging away. It’s hard to make progress these days because there are so few new people. Bring your friends, and it will go faster.

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@Fred931 Don’t feel too bad. One of the founders hasn’t even made it past 8000. What a loser.~

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14 __and a half__ birthday?

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You’ve got the account almost the same time as me (only 2 months difference) and I’m nearly at 5k! I’ve been coming here on and off during that time, but 1 year ago I started giving my best to be pro-active, and to regularly show up and help folks over here :)

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Haha. Here’s a hint from Andrew’s page: ”…and (I) enjoy many outdoor and creative activities.” Gee, maybe that’s why he’s been around since 10/2006 and hasn’t reached 7500 yet. That’s my excuse too: been here since 12/2009 and barely at 3900. Also, the few followers I have garnered along the way have used up their lurve caps. I guess. Or maybe the awful truth is that I’m really not that interesting. I don’t ask a lot of questions and I’m pretty clinical in my answers. Mostly, I lurk. I follow a few people I find interesting. If I changed those things, I imagine I’d probably do better. Maybe finally get myself a red award. Always wanted one of those. I also covet the mysterious Pilgrim, Robot Crush and Cake in the Frizzer awards, but have no clue how one gets them. I’ll gladly trade 119 Perfecto-fishes for one of each, if anybody is interested.

I don’t like spending a lot of time inside at the keyboard. I’ll have plenty of that in my dotage. I spend way too much time writing for the Internet Archive and Wikipedia as it is. About 6 to 12 hours a week when I’m in port. Those two sites, including a couple of hours on Fluther, are my favorites. I might spend more time here if there were more serious discussions on history, literature, geography or pre-1960s film. But there isn’t and I’ve always felt that this was a shame because there are so many intelligent people here. I keep looking in here basically because the people are relatively well behaved, even under disagreement in an election year. I’ve seen way too much nastiness in other places to waste time in them. Life is waaaaay too short for that.

Like all people everywhere the Flutherites prefer mostly small talk and socializing. Can’t fault them for that. Politics can get interesting, if you’re into it. Me, not so much anymore. It’s also a painfully slow site, not a lot of activity here. Small population, as well, which provides a kind of small town intimacy, but the downside is low activity. Good luck on your quest for more lurve (I hear it makes the world go ‘round). Here’s a couple for ya.

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I joined in December 2008 and didn’t hit 10k until May of this year! I’ve been active off and on throughout the years, which probably explains why it took so long.

You haven’t been active for a long time until just recently, so I’m sure if you continue to contribute good material regularly, you’ll make it in no time! :-)

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I’m a slow-grower, too. I’ve actually set a personal goal of crossing the 10K mark, so I keep on trudging toward that elusive goal. Lurking is a lurveless activity, but it keeps us shy ones connected to the community. High-five from the slow lane!

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Yes, of course you will. Just keep plugging away, asking and answering. I am not so active here now, but was for several years and it seems that it didn’t take all that long for me to get to 10,000K, at least not painfully long, but getting to 20,000K? That was excruciating. It was like both time and lurve simply either moved very slowly,. maybe even stopping, or going backwards, though I know that didn’t really happen. It just felt that way. It felt like I would be at, say, 14,879 and then three weeks later, after answering furiously, I’m not really a big asker, I would be at like 14,925. It can sometimes seem to take forever to move ahead but you’ll do it.

And then we throw you a party!

You’re really so very close. Let’s see… what can be done… at best I can only throw a hundred your way…

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Whoever is giving you Great Questions en masse is wasting their time. It doesn’t work anymore.

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That’s me that’s doing it, @johnpowell, giving @Fred931 the GAs, and if it wasn’t me who got him up from 9064 to 9094 in the past hour or so, then please tell me how that may have happened? Though other people may be helping, I don’t know.

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Now that you’re back, @Fred931, I bet you will. :)

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@lillycoyote :: You probably aren’t maxed out on him. You have clicked a lot for very little. It is one thing to try and get someone 100. But a thousand isn’t really doable.

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@johnpowell I know that; I didn’t just get here a week or so ago. I told @Fred931 that. I told him “at best I can only throw a hundred your way….” See my comment above; it’s in the “fine print.” :-)

and, @johnpowell, I didn’t mean to get so “smartassy” on you… I have tweaked this comment within an inch of its life, and I can’t seem to get it right, but, as my editing window fades into the sunset… I wanted to make sure you knew that. :-)

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Still, the good news is ... one more Perfecto-Fish for me! Oops! Major hint for all you Perfecto-Fish seeking jellies. I may ask for this one to be modded; I don’t want to give too much away. And, damn! Now I’ve given even more away.

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No worries.. I smoked some weed and started on the election day drinking. I’m going to be a hot mess during Romney’s concession speech.

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@johnpowell That’s much, much better, in my opinion, than the whole country being a hot mess following a Romney acceptance speech. Have fun. I am hopeful that I will have something to celebrate tomorrow.

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At your age you should have more to do than visit here. You’re more than welcome, as you know. Just do what you do and that counter will turn over. It’s never more interesting than living your life!

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For those posting the more serious responses: This was supposed to be more for fun. You all know I own this place.

But thanks! I guess.


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Just try to get from 30k to 40k if you want a futile task!

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@janbb That’s true, I can’t even imagine how @wundayatta has got more than 56k, that’s massive!!

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@Espiritus_Corvus : How can I give you 5 GA’s for using the word “dotage”??? Also, anytime you want to talk about history, literature, or pre-1960s film, count me in !!

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@Fred931 I don’t know you well enough to catch that you’re being humorous. I tend to be serious, except when I’m not. I’ll know next time. (I hope!)

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@Sunny2 I plan on solid use of ~ with sarcasm from now on.

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Then there are us verbose types that never stop talking. I think I will have to commit fluther suicide at the 50k mark, I don’t know if I can handle being a million point matriarch on some wacky online forum. lol

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