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What's the strongest antiperspirant available?

Asked by College_girl (917points) November 5th, 2012

So I have pretty much diagnosed myself with having hyperhidrosis. I don’t just sweat when I’m hot, or mad, or stressed, but I also sweat when I’m cold and other things cause me to sweat that shouldn’t. I know I’m only 19 and my body is changing or whatever, but I found out recently that my birth mum (who is 34) still sweats a lot.

I was wondering which deodorant (non prescribed) brand is the strongest. I’ve tried many types, even men’s extra strength antiperspirant but I still sweat. I have even let the deodorant dry for an hour+ and I STILL sweat excessively.

If the suggestions don’t work I will be seeing my doctor about it, but I would rather try out something first before spending a lot of money seeing the doctor and buying something prescribed.

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I’ve had a lot of luck with Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant. I sweat very easily and this is the only deodorant I’ve found that keeps my armpits dry, even during the summer months.

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There are several online sites with advice for you, but my suggestion is talk to your doctor about it sooner rather than later. You can save yourself a lot of grief.

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I didn’t want to use websites, because a lot of companies pay sites to say certain things. I was hoping for personal experience

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Activated charcoal taken on an empty stomach once per day…Be careful NOT to take it with a meal or after any medication.

However, you should talk to a doctor about this issue. There are treatments, as well as prescription strength anti-antiperspirants.

If you want to try an extra strength anti-antiperspirant on the store shelves, you’ll need it to have a minimum of 20% aluminum chloride. Anything less will not work for your issue.

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Let me also jump on the bandwagon of seeing your doctor:

1. To rule out anything else as the cause

2. To get the most effective preparation possible

3. Here is information on the condition, causes and treatments from the National Institutes of Health, a neutral web site.

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Perhaps try an essential oil like lavender. They are strong and pure and good smelling and don’t contain gross chemicals which can be bad for you anyhow.

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I hbave had good luck with Mitchum and as @jonsblond said, I have heard great things about Secret Clinical.

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@College_girl A guy here, but I also had really good luck with Mitchum gels.

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Certain Dri roll on is very effective. Follow the directions carefully. It has the active ingredient that is in many of the prescription antiperspirants

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I’m with @YARNLADY on this one. There could be a number of reasons for your excessive sweating and self-diagnoses is generally not a good approach, not for anyone, even for doctors. Really.

See your doctor about it. If there is a medical reason for your excessive sweating, then trying to cover it up with scents, or trying to force your body to stop sweating, when there may a reason that your body is doing it… well you could do more harm than good to yourself

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I just purchased the Mitchum 48 hour protection. Hopefully that will do the trick. I think I will see a doctor soon though as well.

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I find Mitchum effective. Use it lightly. Too much can cause itching and irritation.

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