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Roughly how much does it cost to get a root canal done with a private dentist?

Asked by newbieN (4points) November 5th, 2012


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The last one I had was A couple years ago, and was about $700 dollars.

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The last root canal I had was on a wisdom tooth and cost £800 for the root canal and another £800 for the crown.

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@$1500 per tooth here in Missouri.

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If cost is a factor, as it probably would be based on the question topic, you can always check out dental schools. Student dentists need practice on real patients, and those students are well supervised. I doubt that your procedure would be performed badly or be painful, but it might take longer due to the care (and oversight!) that would have to be exercised. You would probably have to pay for materials and some other procedure costs, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

Here is a link for a Google search of “student dentistry”. Good luck!

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I had one a few years ago. Before insurance it was a little under 700.

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It will also depend on where you live. The cost of living has an effect on the price you will pay. Also, it will matter which tooth you’re having done. Different teeth have a different number of roots. The last one I had done was a 3 root molar about a year ago and before insurance, it was about $600. An endodontist will definitely cost more.

@CWOTUS makes an excellent suggestion. If you’re near a dental school, the students are supervised and it is much less expensive.

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< is a dentist: Don’t have a root canal done by a gp unless is a single rooted tooth. A root canal costs between $400—$1500 depending on tooth, number of roots, and difficulty. (pre-molars are more difficult for example ). Root canaled teeth always need to be crowned afterward to prevent breakeage, so that’s another $1000. I just sent a friend to an endodontist after having a rc done by a gp go south. After fooling around for a year, he suggested to her pullling the tooth, then putting her in braces to fill in the space. ( He just ‘happened’ to share office space with an orthodontist. I sent her to an endodontist, they cleaned it up, and retro filled it. She’s fine. She also has good insurance.

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I think they said it would cost around $1200 to $1500 at one endodontist. And they didn’t take my insurance, which meant I’d pay over half of it. But we found another endodontist who would accept my insurance in full with no copay or nothing. So that saved me around $800 I think. Now it turns out my regular dentist, who has not accepted my insurance in 8 years, except as partial payment, is not accepting it as payment in full. One of the advantages of a weak economy, I guess. I don’t think he can stop accepting now, even when the economy goes back to full speed ahead, as it will in a year or two.

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? dont’ understand at all. If you need a rood canal, and resulting crown, don’t know if any insurance would help you.

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Root canals are covered 100% by my Insurance provider, everything else is covered 60% I believe. If you don’t have insurance it could cost anywhere between $500—$2000 depending on the area you live. It’s a lot cheaper to see a dentist in a ghetto area, and it doesn’t make them any less qualified to do the work than a dentist in a nicer city.

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I spent about $1000 on my root canals. The first one was done by a dentist who specialized in cosmetic dentistry – bad idea, summer of pain! The second one was done by an endodontist – it took half the time, worked perfectly, was totally painless (really!).

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