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Anyone here who is a good JavaScript coder or can recommend someone who is?

Asked by ETpro (34543points) November 5th, 2012

I had a guy who handled JS for me, but he seems to have gone all lifestyler. I call him, and even in the middle of the day he slurs words so badly it’s difficult to tell what he’s saying. He promises to get things done, but nothing ever happens. I have a couple of jobs I need to assign to someone. They are relatively simple fixes to existing code. Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to answer publicly.

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PMing you, @ETpro.

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@Jeruba Thanks. Much appreciated.

To all Jellies. This is intentionally in Social so that it might inspire some sort of discussion. If you want to take up the topic of a formerly productive software engineer who now seems to be either drunk, high on drugs or both at 10 AM and all times thereafter, have at that too.

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The software engineer’s story sounds all too much like tragic ones I’ve heard before. All I can say is that I hope that when he’s ready for it he’ll find the help he needs. There’s not much to be done until he is.

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What is the nature of the javascript?
e.g. jQuery plugins, an mv* framework like backbone, a single-page javascript app?

I personally prefer to work with people I can meet with in person from time to time. Do you have a local javascript users group? That’s where I’d start looking.

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@phaedryx Nothing even close to that. It’s a script that sets a cookie and tracks what pages a user goes to so that it can create a breadcrumb trail. It’s meant to deal with a site where there is no real hierarchy. The site is a database driven one where the CMS generates a virtual path.

On one site, it’s resetting the cookie as desired when a user backtracks far enough. On a second, using what I truly believe to be the same script and the same CMS generated array passed to it, it isn’t resetting the cookie. You can click to a top-level category page on the problem site and sit there and keep clicking the same link in left nav, and you end up with breadcrumb trail like this.

Home >> This Category >> This Category >> This Category >> This Category

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