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How did you help?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) November 5th, 2012

I’m sure everyone reaches out to help someone else from time to time. Tell a story about someone you helped and why and how you helped them.

After all this political tension, I am feeling a need to hear how people actually care for each other.

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We’ve let friends live with us when they have no where else to go, or a warm plate of food when they have nothing at home.

I’ve also helped with child care for the working parents I know. Getting a sitter at the last minute is hard when they have an emergency or something unexpected happens that throws a wrench in their routine. Stay-at-home parents are lifesavers for such occasions.

I don’t have money to help others, but I do have time and a home for shelter when one needs it.

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We took in a homeless girl, when her parents went to prison, and kept her for several years till she was able to make it on her own.

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Provided practical advice that can only be learned from experience, as well as a shoulder to cry on, for quite a few other people who are going through the surgeries I’ve been through.

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I help bring food and school supplies and Christmas presents to a needy family that’s not far from us. Lately, me and my wife focus on our strays. We found a dog on the side of the road and a kitten near our house. We do what we can in our own small ways.

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I was at Tim Horton’s a few backs getting some coffee, and ahead in the line there was this old man who ordered something. The staff said he could sit down, and that they would bring it to him. So he did that. Eventually I get my coffee, and notice that on the counter, a tray with a coffee mug and a muffin was just hanging around. Nobody was paying attention to it, and I was wondering if it belonged to that old man. I’m about to leave and I see him at a table, without his food. So I went to ask him if he ordered coffee and a muffin, and he said yeah. I guess they forgot to bring it to him. I told him it was sitting on the counter, and asked if he wanted me to bring it to him. I didn’t wanna be patronizing, it’s not because someone’s old that they can’t do anything for themselves. But he said yes, and was happy that I brought it to him, and confessed that he might have waited there a long time, otherwise.

Of course, I would have felt like an ass if that was actually someone else’s food, but it was his. waitress instinct kicking in, rather than being nice XD

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When the tornadoes tore through Alabama, we set up a donation drive and rented a truck to deliver items directly to the affected area. It’s my understanding that there is nowhere set up to accept, sort, and provide items to Hurricane Sandy victims, so I’m arranging a fund-raiser – a Santa Paws event where pet owners get a portrait of their pet with Santa in exchange for a minimum donation. I’ve got the Santa, a lead on the suit, and am in negotiations with the photographer, so hopefully we’ll be set to go on the first weekend in December.

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Paid for someone’s items at a store. We try to do random acts when we have a little xtra.

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I don’t think that me bragging about the help I have given to another person in need is something that I can feel good about. The help I give is not for recognition, or brownie points, I simply do it because thats what I feel in my heart is the right thing to do. I would much rather tell you about something that another person has done to help me out in a time of need, because we all need someone at somepoint in our life. You should do for others, if you are in the position to do so, not because you want people to see what a great person you are.

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I’ve been paid to help people for the past 22 years, but there’s been a few freebees. The one that really sticks with me was when an old scruffy guy collapsed on a crosswalk in a busy street right in front of me. I did a quick vitals check and could find no pulse or evidence of breathing. He stunk of alcohol and body odor. When I pulled down his jaw to clear his airway, I saw he had false teeth. I pulled them out and they were covered with scum. For the first time in my life I balked. I almost puked on the guy. I gave him CPR while remembering the whole time that CPR recovery is successful less than 50% of the time and why the fuck am I risking my own health for a guy that probably could care less about his and most likely won’t make it anyway. This was a tough one. But training is a strong thing and it kicked in. It took about 10 minutes for the EMTs to show up. After they dusted him off, I went straight into the Walgreen’s across the street and bought a bottle of Listerine. I stood outside gargling and spitting it out on the sidewalk until it was gone. Then I went to the same ER they took him to and got some shots and found out he made it. That time. They told me that he was pissed off because I cracked his sternum while giving him chest compressions and he wanted to sue. Thank god for the Good Samaritan law. Subsequent blood draws showed I was clear of Hep and everything else. Missed that bullet completely. That was a hard experience for me.

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My nephew lived with us for seven years through college and getting his life in order. He was a punk in need of a readjustment. We offered him a safe place with a firm hand. Rent free, food included. He’s now a father of three with a good career.

We invited a friend to stay with us for a year when she lost her lease and was struggling.

As a teacher, I hope I have helped many a college student – but you’d have to ask them.

My wife, professionally, has intervened in suicides, helped homeless folks into shelters, got addicts treatment, and physically removed babies from crack houses (often at risk to herself). She’s in education now – still helping people, just in a safer environment.

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