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What is the name of giant mammoth reported in Crown Eco Management?

Asked by anttikamu (1points) November 5th, 2012

I read it few weeks ago and I forgot to save the links. Thanks in advance for those who will answer my question :)

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The mammoth, named as Zhenya after the 11-year old boy, is set to be the main exhibit in the Taimyr Regional Museum and will be transferred to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

But as for the actual scientific name of the beast and all, the article doesn’t say. unless I missed it

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The giant mammoth reported in Crown Eco Management (http://blog.crowncapitalmngt.com/) named Zhenya after the 11-year old boy discovered the massive remains of the mammoth.

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I think it was named as “The mammoth of the century,” entitled by the Professor Alexei Tikhonov of the Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg.

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