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What do you think of Google's new favicon?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) June 6th, 2008

frankly, it bugs me…

here’s a looksie

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Yeah, I don’t love it either.

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I noticed that and it just doesn’t fit Google. The old G was fine.

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i actualy like both, the new one is more refined, oh well, both cool in my book

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The new one is boring, and it isn’t the same “G” that google begins with.

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All I can say is that I didn’t know that thing was called a “favicon”. I am getting so hip by hanging here! My opinion: A favicon is but a favicon. Either will do, but I like the old style.

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i dont really like it either

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It’s shit.

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I’m neutral about it, but I did discover yesterday that I could change my language preference to Elmer Fudd.

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I think you all are just afraid of change. Embrace it…there are more curves to embrace in the new lower case model than before.


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I first thought it was caused by a Firefox extension or something… I don’t really mind, it’s just a favicon. Then again, I was getting bored of the previous one. They should do different favicons on every visit (i.e. randomly chosen from a list).

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it could be like what fluther tells you under your name, but with favicons

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@DeezerQueue: You can also change it to Klingon!

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how funny they have one that has this one painting i am studying in my art history class.. how cool

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Off brand. A silly idea.

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It’s dumb. First, I had a hard time telling it was a G. Second, they’re not embracing a lowercase g enterprise wide, so why do it here? Finally, the old favicon stood out more when viewing a list of browser tabs or bookmarks.

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I hate it! I was going to ask the same question the day they changed the favicon, but I knew I would start a rant so I resisted. They need to bring the old “G” back! Personally, I am not a big fan of change, but I would like to believe that I wouldn’t like it either way because the first is just better. period. The article I read about the “change” said that google thought a lowercase “g” would be more friendly or something. I didn’t know people had favicon phobias too…

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I was neutral, but now it’s g’ing on me, as in growing. I think it’s all right, something new, fresh, just to stir things up a bit. They can get away with it, after all, they’re Google.

They must come in different colors, though, maybe based on the page style a person is using because mine isn’t that color.

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