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What Model Palm PDA Shall I buy?

Asked by Carol (731points) November 6th, 2012


Any reply that recommends my getting a phone of any kind will be given to the hellraiser and he will find you and twist you to death forever. And forever and ever, you will in hell. Ditto a camera.


I currently have a Tungsten E2 which was just fine until recently. Then it went wonky. It still has all my addresses and dates but…

1) The program on my PC crashed? That is to say all the addresses and dates are gone. I have been assured that it has not migrated to another location. It has truly left the building.

2) It gets stuck on a date. Every other Thursday, it reminds me that “trash pickup is tomorrow” and beeps as it should. However, that message remains until I do something, such as go back to “Home.” So if I do nothing, one Fri, Sat, Sun etc., it still show the message to put the trash out tomorrow. It didn’t used to do that.

My computer “expert” doesn’t want to transfer the current information from the PDA to my PC because he says ALL the information may disappear from both, so we didn’t do it.


*If I can find the original disc that came with it, can I reprogram without loosing the data, or is all that wiped clean?
*Is there a safe way to store the data and reprogram the unit? If yes, how?
*Is there any way to get the E2 repaired? If yes, how would I go about doing this? Is it worth it?
*If I got a new PDA, let’s say a Palm TX HandHeld Palm OS Garnet 5.4 1047NA, could I transfer to data safely from the Tungsten E2?

Oye. My head bout tuh bus open.


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The data should be on the SD card, have you checked ebay for another E2?
You could just move the card to the “new” Palm.

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I’ve owned a Palm T/X for about 8 years, I think. (I no longer sync it with the computer, since I’ve moved all of my contacts, schedules and most other day-to-day stuff to GMail. For one thing. For another, I’ve had two different computers since I bought the Palm.)

But it seems to me that when you start the sync process the software asks if you want to “replace” or “append” contacts. Just choose “append”, and you’ll create the list from your handheld device into the computer.

As I recall nothing in the sync process happens as automatically as, say, an iPod sync (unless you’ve been smart enough to set that to “no automatic sync”).

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Well, with PalmOS most data is stored in RAM. I don’t suppose you installed anything like BackupBuddy to backup onto SD? @CWOTUS is right. If you re-install the Desktop software, it will ask about syncing data from the Palm or starting over. Obviously you want the former. I forget if you can export your AddressBook data to Notepad (just in case).

PalmOS has been good to me – I never lost data, but I paid attention to what the alerts were asking.

You can get more help, and some software here:

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Your preface isn’t enough for me not to ask why you are so adamant on using a PDA instead of a smart phone. So, why the PDA and not a phone?

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Coming back to this Q again, I have to agree with @Silence04‘s question: Disregarding the “sunk cost” of whatever investment you’ve already made into an earlier model Palm, what criteria make “another Palm” a better new investment than a new Palm? (I’m assuming “a Palm with a data plan”, because if the answer is “I don’t want to have to subscribe to a data plan”, then that’s a perfectly fine response. I’ve never had a data plan with my T/X, and it has served me well for the things that I want from it.)

But I wouldn’t buy another; if I were buying something new, now, I’d go for a smart phone and the cheapest talk / data plan that I could find.

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CWOTUS, I’m more than willing to get a new palm. That’s why I’m asking about the TX Palm OS Garnet. Does it have the same little slot on top for the card?
No, I am not interested in a data plan.

So guys, is the SD the card in the top right of the E2?
If yes, is all of my data on it?

Thanks guys except for Rocket. Rock, this is MY question. It’s in the yellow section at the top of the page uner “General Question.” If you want to ask a question, begin your own question thread.

I do find it interesting that no one answered any of my questions. The questions are at the end and begin with an asterisk…” *.”


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I answered, I thought, the “primary” question about “which should I buy?” I agree that I did not answer the detailed questions at the end of your post, because I just don’t know the objective answers, and “whether it’s worth it” is a subjective question that I can’t answer (especially without the objective datum about “how much it costs” at hand).

Good luck. I do think you can maintain the data safely. I have never had problems with lost or missing data with the Palm T/X in the eight years or so that I’ve owned mine.

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Oh My God!!

My comments to Rocket Guy were meant for Silence04!

Rocket, I am so very sorry.
Rocket, your answers were very helpful and I did go to the group you mentioned and it was helpful also.

Perhaps I will just stick with the E2.

Question for Rocket and CWOTUS and Willie all of who have helped me: *If I do decide to get a TX HandHeld Palm OS Garnet, will the SD from the E2 fit in it?


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@Carol – click the card inwards to see what the card looks like when it pops out. My Palm E came with a black plastic dummy card. I switched in a standard SD card, to use with BackupBuddy, as a backup drive. If yours has an SD card, it is standard and will work with any SD slot.

I used to post a lot on, but that has essentially shut down. This is the first Palm advice I have given in years. My Tungsten E has become the kids’ alarm clock.

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Rocket, the card has an orange sticker that says 256MB memory expansion card.

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Standard SD card.

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