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As a non-american, who do you think would make a better US president? Romney, Obama,.. or perhaps some other?

Asked by ninjacolin (14204points) November 6th, 2012

I’m gonna share a letter I wrote to some American friends on another board:

Hi, Americans.

You’re the only United States of America that we have. As such, your decisions affect everyone greatly. We don’t want you guys to suffer. We don’t really want to kick your asses. We just want you guys to be happy and we want the rest of the world to be happy too.

So, just so you’re not completely in the dark as to what your peers think would be best for you.. (you know, like how friends don’t let friends drink and drive!) just so you don’t feel all alone in making such large decisions like “who should run the world’s USA?”.. we’ve brought this thread into existence to share our insights from around the world to help inform your decisions where you see fit.


Non-Americans, in your opinion, who would make a great US leader this time around? Could you share your thoughts on what makes your preference? Do you see one side doing more for the world at large than the other? Do you see one side doing more for the American people than the other? What are your insights?

Americans, feel free to chime in and inform us on stuff and such too. :)

Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to be offensive or manipulative of the American people at all. So, if you see it that way.. you’re wrong. :) Quite instead, this is a matter of sharing ideas and better informing the opinion of US voters in a leisurely and globalized-intellectual kinda way

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