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Who are you voting for?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) November 6th, 2012

I apologize ahead of time if this kind of question is “frowned upon,” but I’m just curious. If you are an American, who did/are you voting for President?

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Obama has disappointed me in what he’s accomplished, although the Republicans have been willing to throw the nation under the wheels of the bus to do so. But Romney terrifies me. And he should scare the hell out of the rest of the world. You think we were bad under Bush, he will make Bush look like Ghandi.

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Already voted…

- Obama
– Elizabeth Warren (senate)

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Obama and then for the ones I’m not informed enough about to cast a legitmate vote Im just going to write in Batman and Spiderman True bipartisan, they’re from two different universes :P

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I will be voting for Gary Johnson. It’s sort of a rebellious vote. But given that my vote will be probably be in the process of being registered around the same time as the concession speech, and being that our great state has a mere 3 electoral votes I don’t think it matters much.

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@rosehips every vote counts… even if it doesn’t ;-)

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I voted for Obama. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me. I do like the president, no idol worship going on, I recognize his shortcomings.. but I am pleased with the way my own life has improved in the last 4 years – and Romney scares the crap out of me. My 87 year old devoutly Catholic grandmother even think he’s a creep.

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Obama. Straight ticket dem except for judges.

Obama has disappointed me on civil liberties. I don’t support the CIA drone campaign, both because of its civilian costs and its overall strategy. I think Obama should have pushed harder for single-payer in Obamacare, I think he should have went after the Bush admin officials who sanctioned torture, and I think he dropped the ball in many ways regarding his insistence for “bipartisanship.”

But he has still accomplished much more for progressive causes than any president in my lifetime. Obamacare, for all its flaws, expands the social safety net and ends insurance company abuses. Obama ended the Iraq War responsibly, is ending the Afghan war responsibly, and has handled Libya and the Arab Spring incredibly well. He has drastically reduced

He also saved the economy from a depression, and (despite Republican opposition) put us on a path towards recovery.

And Obama has appointed supreme court justices that will uphold civil rights and Roe vs. Wade, and he’s appointed professionals to head departments like FEMA and the Fed, rather than ignorant crony ideologues that ran these orgs under Republicans.

I think people need to take their disappointments with Obama in context, and compare his term to other actual presidents rather than ideals that have never existed in American politics.

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I voted for myself. I would have voted for Black Bush if I lived in a swing state, but I don’t.

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Merkin Muffley, because he’s not afraid to use a device which will destroy all human and animal life on earth.

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Robot Nixon.

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Straight Democratic ticket this year, as I possess both a uterus and a brain.

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Straight Democrat ticket. But splitting my vote on the referendum items. No to additional bureaucracy over the Water Dept. Yes to additional information for City Council. No to special preference for grandchildren of first defenders (or whatever they are) and yes to borrowing money to keep the roads smooth. They paved a major road I travel on every day last month, and it is fantabulous!

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^ I just love infrastructure projects. Jobs, tax revenue, and nice smooth roads to drive on. Win/win/win.

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I voted for Obama, and it was an easy choice for me. Qingu has articulated my thinking better than I can ;-)

I only voted in races where either I had knowledge of the candidates or felt strongly that democratic leadership was the better choice; so I didn’t vote for most positions on the ballot.

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This could be a worrisome trend. I wonder if Republicans feel any compunctions against voting for Republicans they don’t know? Somehow I doubt it. Democrats need to pull the big lever. If you don’t know the candidate, it is better to vote the party than not vote at all. I wonder if that is why the Republicans hold the House and many of the state legislatures.

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Obama, man, I like waited forever in line just to vote and stuff.
That Romney dude like gives off a bad vibe. I couldn’t trust him, y’know?

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I wanted to vote for Gary Johnson, but considering how afraid of Romney I am, and the fact that I’m in a swing state, I voted for Obama.

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I don’t kiss and tell; nor vote and tell.

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Yes We Can! <—Again. Actually, I let my 7yr old use the pen for Obama this time and when son was 3, I let him cast the vote.

Tammy Baldwin for Senate (if Tommy Thompson win I’ll spork my eyes out)...Then the rest of the votes had to be split around as some a Rep was running and no one else was.

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My answer is the same as @tom_g‘s and my resaon for favoring President Obama is the same as @Adirondackwannabe.‘s

On the Massachusetts state referenda, we had initiatives to:
1—Require auto manufacturers by 2015 to allow consumers the same access dealers have to repair and maintenance data.
2—Allow physician assisted suicide by prescription of 100 Seconal tablets to those diagnosed with less than 6 months to live.
3—Allow the sale of medical marijuana without state criminal penalty.
4—Allow the state to tax the sale of marijuana.

I voted Yes on all 4 ballot initiatives.

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(In true political form) Speaker, what I will tell you is who I wouldn’t vote for, and I would not vote for any man that would kill Big Bird. As for the rest of them mooks, whoever I didn’t recognize, I voted; with the seception of George Miller.

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@ETpro is it bad that I’m nearly just as excited to see if any states pass medical marijuana as I am to find out if Obama won? lol

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The winner

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@ETpro FYI, I would have voted exactly the same if I lived in Mass and had the opportunity to decide on those issues. So see, we are not that different. But State issues are different than National issues. I think the difference is significant. Assume you are watching the returns. See you tomorrow.

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@uberbatman Same here, high five

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You really think anyone here would put Romney even if it were true?

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@josie Thanks man. I never thought we were all that far apart on what we wanted for America. I just thought Romney shouldn’t win the White House. And now I know America thinks I’m right about that, too. :-)

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Yes We DiD! Wisconsin finally gets to show its true colors: First woman Senator we’ll send to Washington is openly gay! Congrats Tammy Baldwinn!

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@SpatzieLover I am so delighted she won. A well deserved victory. The Times, They are a-Changin.

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That’s my fav version ;) @ETpro. Thank you for sharing!

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I’m not yet 18, I’m 17— but I would have voted for Romney.
prepares to be bombarded with hatred

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Why would you be bombarded @NostalgicChills? Voting for your choice is your right.

In four years you actually have your chance to vote.

I would like to know, if you’re willing to share, what swung your potential vote (had you been one year older) to Romney?

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Obama, and mostly Democrats except for some local and state positions in which I’ve mixed up my partisanship. I usually vote for the individual, and not so much their party affiliation.

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No one learns anything through being bombarded with hatred. We much prefer exploring your reasoning in hopes of understanding exactly where you went wrong and how to fix it.
(sort of sarcastic there… just a little).

Honestly, though. It’s like a religious discussion. I don’t hate flamboyantly religious people – I hate the back-asswards ideals that makes them act like a douche and think they’re justified in doing so. Remove those ideals and you have a very agreeable individual.

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