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Self cleaning litter box.

Asked by mowens (8350points) November 6th, 2012

Has anyone ever used one? Are they worth it? Which models are best?

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You should ask Dan. You may recall he had one.

Also, when did you get a cat?

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As much as I’d like to believe there is something to eliminate my own cleaning of the litter box, I just can’t believe that it would work. Thats just always the assumption I’ve made. So week after week I hold my breath and spill litter all over the carpet. Ugh.

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I have a lot of experience with ALL liter boxes, as I babysit cats, and I have four of my own.

I’ll tell you that none of the automatic litter boxes do what they say, they all break down just after the warranty expires, and no matter what, at some points you’re touching litter, the litter gets on the floor, and the box stinks.

I have two of these and they are literally the breeze they claim to be. There is never liter on the floor, as there is no traditional litter. There is no smell of cats in my home, as the pads lock in the urine and the odor.

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My cat is…. Well… Plump. Would he fit?

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I have a Litter Robot and I don’t have any complaints with it. I just dump out the drawer in a trash bag every once in a while. It’s been working for several years now. At least four, I guess.

It’s a bit noisy and it could be kind of cramped on the inside for larger cats. I had a cat that must have been part Main Coon and he wouldn’t use it all. But my current one does and he doesn’t seem to have any issue with it.

It’s also fascinating to watch it work if you’re feeling bored.

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@mowens I have a fat cat too and he does not fit in normal litter boxes. Had to upgrade to the largest one available.

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I had an automatic box for about five minutes. It was messy, noisy, and didn’t work well.

@SpatzieLover Thanks for the product tip.

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Yes, a large or chubby cat does fit in this litter. My black male cat is HUGE & he loves this litter box. He used to scoop all of the litter out of his old box every time he went. Now, he just covers & is done. The fact that the liquid goes into a pad prevents the box from becoming a clumped up mess.

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Apparently the official (brand name) pads for this are about $4–5 apiece.

But I saw on Amazon that another company is making pads for this also but they’re about $1 apiece.

Have you used anything other than the brand name pads?

I’m seriously thinking of getting one of these boxes since my cat now pees like a racehorse (since being diagnosed with kidney problems) and she’s using about double the amount of litter as before.

But those pads are pretty pricey.

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@Buttonstc I purchase the pads via Amazon’s Subscribe & Save.

I can tell you with 4 cats, I go through 4 pads per week. However, when I was socially training my kitten, he had his own box, and I went through less than one pad per week.

Usually, my case price (40 pads) is about $37. For some reason today on Amazon, the pad price is up to $1.18 per pad. That’s a little high, but our local PETCO also carries the full supply of pads & pellets.

I haven’t used any other pads as I always have at least one case on hand. But, I see no reason why another pad wouldn’t work. As long as they’re absorbent they’d work fine. I have one cat (large black male) that pees about 2 cups worth at a time (I kid you not). He’s the reason I wasn’t able to toilet train my kittens…Since he needs a box to go in.

My number one suggestion for anyone with a smart cat that’s under the age of 4yrs is to toilet train. Don’t buy a kit, use the free instructions on the Net. It’s the cheapest & most hygienic option there is.

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This cat is really fat. (25 lbs) and he is about 16. Will he understand, (or care about) the pads?

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The pads are in a pull out tray, @mowens, for easy cleaning. My older cats took to the litter pellets the first day I set up the box.

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It’s really difficult to predict how your cat will respond since each cat has their own quirks and peculiarities.

I read thru some of the reviews from Amazon users and some cats just won’t go for it no matter what.

I think the only way you’ll know is to give it a try. But there was a company rep who responded to some of the reviews and also pointed out that there is a section of the company site which lists various tips to make the transition go more smoothly.

But in the end, each cat is different and unique and there’s no way to predict.

I’ve never had to use it but I’ve seen good reports about Amazons returns policy.

Let us know what happens if you decide to give it a try.

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