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Do you find Ann Coulter hot?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) November 6th, 2012

I do. I happen to be a Democrat who fantasizes making out with Coulter. Lol. Could this be because Obama just won-?

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Only until she opens her mouth.

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She’s good looking, but I agree with @marinelife. When she talks, she become ugly.

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@Sunny2 @marinelife She does sound a bit like a guy. But strangely sexy to me. If she agrees to read words that I would write for her in the teleprompter, like, “Obama gets four more years and I should stop writing books”, that would just drive me bat shit sex crazy right there. Lol.

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Not even a little.

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If she could get a personality transplant…...

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Hot? Yes.
She is the devil herself.
can see flames in her eyes every time she opens her large mouth.

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@mazingerz88 wow thanks for a good laugh. That was soooo funny.

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I googled her when I read your question. My first thought: “boring as fuck”.

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For the sake of going off topic and not actually answering anything, I think Michelle Obama is totally pretty and sexy. And I’m not making a joke, I heartedly spoke about this on here before.

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@Symbeline After watching this I totally agree.

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If we’re talking hawt former first ladies, then i’d liked to have jumped Jackie’s bones…when she was alive!

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No… but maybe a gallon of gas and a book of matches would change that.

Seriously though, I go for personality, and… well, “Hell no!” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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Not in the least
Face like a brick, a smile like a violent spasm, and those downward sloping eyes are just hideous.

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With her cesspool of a brain? I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.

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I find Ann Coulter very unattractive. She’s all bones and angles. Ouch.

And what is it with Republicans and blondes, anyway?

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She looks like a skull with a blonde wig. She looks like the Crypt-keeper.
She is not attractive. She is a Halloween mask of hate and ignorance.

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She’s the type of lady you want to just punch in the face until you’re inside her.

It would definitely be rough sex, I can tell you that much.

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She is repulsive for so many reasons too numerous to list.

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She is a very, very bad girl, and she needs to be taken in hand and disciplined. She clearly needs a gag. We can’t have that shit coming out of her mouth. And probably should have her hands tied, because we don’t want her making her secret signals, either.

But only if she would enjoy it.

Would she recant?

Honestly, I can’t imagine that she is for real. I think it’s an act. I think that she is very cynical and doesn’t believe much, if anything of what she says. She is just doing it because she can get away with it because she is so hot and so smart and sociopathic. She looks and acts dangerous, and that’s what makes her exciting to some men. They want to tame her.

I want to believe that inside, she has the heart of a humanist, and somehow she just fell into this gig and couldn’t resist. But if she was really the way she says she is, I know a circle of hell I hope she ends up in.

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She knows that the more outrageous the comments she makes, the more she will be talked about. There is no such thing as bad publicity because it eventually translates into mor money in her pockets (from book sales and speaking engagements).

She is a very mean spirited and calculating person.

(however, there is a segment of the male population, like Dick Morris, with erotic fantasies of being dominated by an authoritative woman and she fits the bill.)

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Hot, no! She looks like an undernourished teenage boy to me.

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Not even if she was clubbing baby seals, using a brick from the Twin Towers that had been wrapped in the original copy of the Constitution.

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No. But Monica Crowly is hot!

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Looks like a tall man with a wig on.

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I think she looks a lot better in blue

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Honestly, I’ve never thought any of the blondes coming out of Fox News’ cloning machine were all that attractive. Nor did I find Sarah Palin to be good looking. Or Michelle Malkin. I have serious trouble understanding why any of these women are being touted for their sex appeal.

Then there’s the further issue of why they even allow themselves to be sold to the public in this way.

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I just googled her image, but all I got was pictures of those Hanson kids….Mmmbop!

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I’d give her a 5 out of a scale of 1 to 10, just average. Some people have personalities and viewpoints which can definitely stain any decent physical looks too, and to me she is one of them.

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Not bad looking, for a guy.

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I took the time to google the name….and I would have to say…absolutely not. I would much rather be kicked in the face by a horse and even then I would be more attractive the she is.

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GMTA! Proof she looks like the Crypt Keeper!

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@filmfann LMAO You nailed that one!

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Now I know more fully why Keith Olbermann’s nickname for her was “Coultergeist”.


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