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Which of these are first, second, & third Conditional sentences?

Asked by Anythingnew (46points) November 7th, 2012

If I won the lottery, I would buy a Ferrari.

I will go to the shop if it stops raining.

If I go to London, I can have tea with the Queen.

I would have studied law if I’d had the money.

I would ask him if I were with him now.

If I hadn’t won the lottery, I wouldn’t have bought my own island in the Caribbean.

And could you explain why they are

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Here is a very clear and detailed crib sheet that should help you. It gives the rule, the example and the explanation.

if this is how you are learning English, you have my sympathy

If I had enough money, I would send you to live with an English-speaking family. (Second conditional)>

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There is “zero” which is ALWAYS true.
1st is not true yet, but can happen LATER (if I see your sister, I’ll give her the money).
2nd is not true NOW, but theoretically it could be true. (If I were a rich man…)
3rd was not true IN THE PAST, which is why something else didn’t happen (I would have come if I’d known)

There are also mixed conditionals. For example, I would be rich now, if I’d worked harder in the past, or I would have known what that guy was saying (in the past) if I were Spanish (because I’d always be Spanish in this case).

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