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What's the best, reasonably priced 2TB+ external HDD?

Asked by Paul (2714points) November 7th, 2012

Looking for a HDD to store my ever expanding music and movie collection, as well as some family photos and videos. Willing to spend up to £150

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I’ve got this one, and it’s pretty awesome. That’s 2TB at £69.99.

Or this one, which is 3TB at £119.65.

Definitely both worth a look!

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Buy an external hard drive enclosure and the size of drive that you want. That’s the cheapest route and doesn’t have any specific hardware or software that can mess up data recovery.

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I’m with @XOIIO on this – you can build your own with an enclosure and a raw (OEM) hard drive) for about ⅓ the cost of a commercial external HD. In the US you can get a 3.5 inch enclosure for less that $20.

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Thanks, I’ll do it that way then.

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