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Friday , I am leaving to go to Sana'a, Yemen to work at the U.S. Embassy for a year with my boyfriend. Any words of advice?

Asked by gravity (3116points) November 7th, 2012

He is a Civil and Environmental Engineer and will be overseeing the construction mods on the embassy. I am going with him because we are so much in love and do not want to be apart. I am aware of the danger of the situation but this is what he does and he can keep me safe. We will be living in a guarded compound a few blocks from the embassy. I will be able to be with him all the time so that makes me feel somewhat more safe. I may not be on fluther as much as I would want but wanted some words of advice from anyone and well wishes.

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Both my dad and my brother were with a major overseas construction company and have a lot of experience. This is what my mom would say:

Check with the State Dept on what you can have shipped to you easily, like meat and vegetables. Check on what is expected in terms of dress when you are out of the compound. Get to know any other significant others of Embassy staff as they will be your social group. Know that there is a hierarchy of spouses and S.O.‘s defined by the rank and role of the Embassy and contractor staff. (That sound awkward but it preserves order when everyone is out of their home element.)

I’d have much more for you but you’re leaving in less than 48 hours so it’s kind of late.

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Be sure to leave a copy of your will stateside.

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Get a gun.

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Sounds like an adventure! A sort of scary one, but still. I don’t have any advice for you, but wish you a safe and interesting year. Check in here when you get a chance, and let us know how you’re doing.

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I think it sounds exciting. Be careful, but friendly. Real people are real people where ever you go in the world. My best wishes go with you. It would be great if you could send mini reports to us. You could use the title question with a number such as, “Would you like to hear about Yemen #1?”

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Things are pretty bad over there just now. I think you’re going to have to stay in your compound. This is what the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK advise

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Get a burka that fits. Nothing worse than one that is too tight.

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Probably the best advice I can give you for comforts sake is to know that the sand is super-fine and gets into everything. Use lots of talcum powder, and either shave or wax all body hair. That will save much chafing as you acclimatize. I am sure you will be briefed on cultural behavior. Really important to wash your feet carefully!

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