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Do you carpool or use public transportation options?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) June 6th, 2008

Just wondering…why or why not?

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I often go by train because I’m not allowed to drive yet :)

However, once I get my driver’s license I’ll still be taking the train mostly because it’s better for the environment and because you don’t really need to be focused. If part of the journey is by bus, however, and I haven’t travelled that route before, then I’ll probably prefer driving myself because I hate riding the bus not knowing were to get out. That really needs to be improved here in the Netherlands.

The trains could use some work too, but at least you don’t get lost there.

Oh, and of course, being Dutch, I use my bicycle a lot, because it’s easier, gets you fresh air and keeps you in good shape. Especially the last one is important to me, I guess.

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I live a mile from where I work, so I’ve been biking a lot more.

For my last job I rode the bus and I really enjoyed it. I was reading a couple of books a week in the time I’d spend on the bus.

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I usually take the subway, or a cab. One day. There’s no need to have a car in NY. Not with all this great public transportation.

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I’m a New Yorker, and a subway fixture. Sometimes, if I have the dough.. or drunk at 3am far from home.. I’ll grab a cab.

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My partner and I car pool whenever possible.

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I bike, unless it is raining. (then I bus)

Biking for me is a great way to get some exercise and actually get to work faster than the bus.

I’m with vincentt, the bus allows you to be not focused, or let you focus on something else (reading a book, watching a movie, etc)

With the price of gas so high, it seems foolish not to carpool (although it cuts out the possibility of doing personal errands)

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i ride the bus at school, just because its the best mode of transportation, because there are very few places to park on campus. however during the summer when i work i drive myself. i would carpool but there is no one that lives near me who works near where i do

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i live in a rural area now so i cant hop a bus and noone where i live respects bikes so its hard to pedal safely down small country roads. when i lived in portland oregon and chattanooga tn i rode the MAX (electric train in portland) and the bus. the buses and trains have bike racks so you can take your bike with you. PEDAL POWER!!

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I used to when I was in high school, but I’ve been living in FL for 8 years now and never had the need to doit thanx God.

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Before my bike was stolen I used the bike/Mass transit combo. The bike parts of the trip helped me keep in shape, on mass transit (bus or light rail) I could read or even nap.

btw, the bike theft had nothing to do with mass transit

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