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How do you express yourself when you feel that it needs to get done?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) November 7th, 2012

Because sometimes, you just really want to do it, or feel that you really need to, no?
Do you have a specific person you go to? Maybe more than one person? Who are they? Or perhaps you express yourself in some other way. Through art, like painting, drawing, music or something else. Perhaps you keep a journal/diary? Hell, maybe you do it here on Fluther. Or some other site. Or perhaps you’re all badass, and you keep it all inside.
Whatever the means, how do you express yourself when all is about to overflow? And by this, I don’t mean that it has to be all negative; everything stands. When you’re really happy, excited or proud; but when you’re sad, angry or afraid counts juuust as much.
So, when you really want/need to express how you feel, if indeed that does happen to you, how do you go about it?

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I write. Sometimes letters never meant to be sent.Sometimes journal entries.

Sometimes I listen to music and sing.

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I just do it, bit like nike minus the hype.

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I just let it go. Whatever I’m thinking, it just comes out. it also bites me in the ass a lot.

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Before Facebook and Fluther, I would write long emails detailing how I felt.
I remember writing a very intense one about how America was being lost to fear, and how GW Bush took advantage. At the time, no one was daring to question anything this government did. I was pretty proud of that.

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I have been unloading on the internet for ages. Since I was maybe 11, in fact, because that’s when I started blogging. Sometimes you just need to tell someone anonymous. I’ve never been quite as good at letting loose with people from my “real life,” although my mom and my best friend are two people I feel I don’t need to censor myself around (much).

So yeah Fluther gets a bit of a shit storm from me at times. I do apologize for that.

I get anxious when I feel like my emotions have gone unexpressed for too long, so I don’t let it build up.

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@Mariah: I am in the same boat. I grew up on internet forums and developed close friendships with older teenagers and adults whom I had met online.

Just this summer, I started writing poetry and mad scribbles again, because I was alone in a new place and absolutely overwhelmed with a torrent of emotions. I used to write 4 or 5 poems a day when I was a kid.

I have a few very close friends with whom I can let it all hang out, but sometimes hanging out with acquaintances with whom I don’t feel comfortable expressing myself can be very frustrating.

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I write a very well thought out email or letter and let loose with everything, get it out of my system and move forward whether it’s positive or negative.

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I don’t often express myself. In fact I’d say never. Since I live alone. I’d certainly not express myself to my friends. I know that sounds odd, but then I am odd. Unless it was happy new, then I would. My friends are all ‘positive thinkers’. So if I said I feel bipolar or manic today, they’d pretend they didn’t hear, or say no man, you got so much to live for!!!!

On fluther I do a bit, but hold back mostly, since I once did and got a really strange response and I am a sensitive soul, yep, so nah.

There is one person in the world I can, he has prickles on his back…...........I shall remain mysterious :P

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I do a number of different things, depending on what is bothering me and my surroundings at that time. Sometimes i will write down how i am feeling and keep it in a binder. This way, i can look at it again if i need to. I will sometimes just cry and get all my feelings out. I also like to listen to some music really loud in my headphones. Lastly, i will call a friend or family to release it. I find i don’t do really well if i keep my emotions bottled up inside.

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Like @marinelife, I write: happiness, grief, fear, unanswerable questions, they’ve all been explored.

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I keep a diary and express my feelings there. Sometimes a feeling expresses itself as a poem that no one reads, at other times I discuss things with my sister.

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