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Why isn't Toby McGuire in the new Spiderman Movie?

Asked by Roby (2939points) November 8th, 2012

I was just wondering why they were not makeing a Spiderman 4 as opposed to the new movie without Toby.

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He’s not attractive at all, Spidey should be sexy….lol

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They figured they could make more money with a reboot.

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He didn’t want to do the 3rd one. He & Kirsten Dunst actually publicly dismissed the audience of the films on Good Morning America & other TV programs while promoting the film.

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In addition to what @SpatzieLover mentioned: this is a new series. They wanted a younger Peter Parker and to explore a different way to tell the story, no different than Christopher Nolan doing a different Batman than Tim Burton.

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He’s getting a little long in the tooth to play the superhero.

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I understand the reasoning for a new Peter Parker with the reboot and all, but god what a horrible choice for the new Spidey.

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Toby was a great Spidey. I’m not even going to watch the “reboot” because the lead actor from what I’ve seen in the trailers, doesn’t do it for me at all. And I’ve been a Spider-Man fan since I was like 7 years old.

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@_Whitetigress I couldnt agree more. I haven’t seen yet myself either. And I saw Spiderman 3. Thats saying something lol

I really wish they never canceled Spectacular Spiderman, that show was almost as good as the 90’s Spiderman cartoon.

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Spider Man 3 was a disaster starting exactly at the moment he went Emo. There were plans for a 4th film using the original cast, John Malkovich was signed up to play the Vulture. The plans fell through though. McGuire and company wanted more money than the studio wanted to pay, and the enthusiasm wasn’t there after the 3rd movie was such a steaming pile.

But if Sony didn’t make a movie by this year (I forget the exact date) then the rights to the Spider Man franchise would’ve reverted back to Marvel. So Sony pieced together a script very quickly and used a cast of mostly young or unknown talent… and voila, you have the reboot.

Surprisingly good movie for something essentially thrown together at the last minute to maintain the rights to the property.

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@_Whitetigress The new Spider man is much more in line with the comics. He’s got that sense of humor a lot more, and his life is far more filled with pain/etc. Honestly I think the new movie is pretty much as good as the original spider man movie with McGuire. It loses some points because it’s not original, but you can’t really change the story. It’s worth your time though, pretty good movie.

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@tedd ahh I didnt know that about the rights going back to marvel. Really wish that would have happened.

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@uberbatman Honestly that probably would’ve been ideal. If the contract had ended a few years earlier, the McGuire Spider Man probably would’ve been in the Avengers. But like I said, the new movie is actually pretty solid.

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@tedd Although I did own some Spider-Man comics and trading cards as a kid I must admit I didn’t know how to organize and follow certain series. So I really don’t care if they match the comics or not. What I do care about! Is if it is remotely near the cartoon series! this spiderman cartoon

I sort of felt Toby was a bit on the weak sauce side of a Peter Parker, but his interaction with Jonah Jameson was spot on for me, and I love how he lamented during the train scene, Toby became a man right there and then.

I’m sure I’ll watch this new series. I just can’t seem to get over the aesthetics of the costume and Peter Parker! Check Here

It just seems so “Transformers“esque meets “Twilight“esque pose. If you say there’s more of an emotional attachment with this Peter Parker that sounds encouraging.

And whoa! 7.3/10 on IMDB that’s saying something. I’ll check it out sometime this month and go back to this thread :D

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Alright well I just got it on DVD I’ll probably watch it tomorrow and let you guys know what I think.

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Watching it now, not crazy about it so far but we’ll see. I was just reading about Spiderman 2 and they said that they’re going to change Spideys outfit to a more original looking outfit. I’m happy about that. Don’t know how I’d feel about Jamie Foxx being Electro though.

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I actually liked this Spiderman quite a bit. Still really not crazy about Andrew Garfield. I dont know, like I feel like the story was written really well and they really got the feel for Spidey, he just doesn’t pull it off well.

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