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Why does Apple say my MacBook Pro early 2011 8GB ram is the max when it isn't true?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) November 8th, 2012

Looking for detailed answers.

According to these
reviews 16gb ram is achievable. What does Apple have to lose by telling it’s customers 8gb ram is the max?

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The max memory officially supported by Apple for that model is 8 GB. The MacBook Pro only has two slots for RAM and back in 2011 high density RAM modules were really expensive so they probably never considered anyone would want to pay for them therefore why make tech supports job harder by adding support for something only 1 or 2 people (at the time) would do. Now that prices have come down it is an affordable option however Apple tend not to add new features or change the specs of old products. What they do is release new models that do officially support 16GB in order to differentiate product lines. That’s just how Apple work.

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My mid-2009 MacBook Pro had 4GB and I put 8GB on it last month.

Works like a charm now, and I don’t think I can go up to 16GB.

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They lie to you because they want to sell you a newer model.
Even with the the super inflated Apple prices for their RAM, manipulating you into shelling out money for a new (equally overpriced) machine is much more profitable for them.

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@ragingloli I wouldn’t doubt your reasoning! (First time I have agreed with you on Apple products! haha) The reason I don’t doubt you is because once upon a time, I was doing my RAM research at stores and was confused as to whether I should only by Apple products with Apple machines. A worker told me I should just grab the RAM anywhere but their store. That sort of honesty I could totally appreciate. Since then, I’ve only purchased electronics from Frys Electronics :D

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@Lightlyseared So do you think installing 16GB ram is worth it? I know the machine will read 16GB RAM, but will it actually use it in a non-glitchy manner?

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