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What do you love, of what you love?

Asked by Soubresaut (11201points) November 8th, 2012

I guess first, the question would be, how do you know you love it? What does that feel like, what does that mean, for you?
And then… what part(s) of it? Is it the greater concept? the higher morality/purpose/virtue? the product or result? the medium itself? the disposition it demands? an instinct? a vigor?
Do you reach for it? Is it tangible? Do you know? How do you know?
And then, why: elaborate as much as you would like, hopefully as much as you can. (Applies to any or all of the abundantly question-marked above.) In this gnarled search of passion, fulfillment, what has absorbed you, courted you, claimed you? In what ways do you struggle with it? What is the relationship(s) of this(ese) love(s)?

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I don’t know if this is towards an object or person but I’ll answer anyway. The person I love is my high school sweetheart. I know I love him because I day dream about him and he makes me feel fuzzy inside. I feel like I met or knew him in a past life or other lifetime. I haven’t seen him for 4 years and when I saw him again it made my heart race. Some things never change. It’s funny how you can not see or talk to a person for years and years but once you see them again, it brings back so many memories…. It truly is a beautiful and astounding feeling.

His love for me means total acceptance. It means respect and no barriers. It feels like heaven on earth, or a dream I am really living. It is unrequited love though, and it is something I struggle with.

It was a lost love. We lost contact but through the years I have still longed for him in my heart. I struggle with never telling him my deep feelings and emotions. But it was the most beautiful time of my life with him.

I can’t explain it. Russian men are quite captivating! ;-)

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I love how my mom is always there for me. :)

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Big question. I’m reading it this way: “Of those things in life that I really enjoy, what is the “active ingredient” that hooks me in?” Does that kind of get at what you’re asking?

I love making things, in general. Turn me loose on a task that involves taking raw materials and transforming them into an aesthetic and functional object, and I’ll love doing that. Why? Part of it is the challenge of understanding the characteristics of the materials and the capabilities of the tools. The whole process of transformation is like an intimate dance in which I take a leading step, then see how the materials respond, and then I adapt to that response, etc. It’s not that I’m imposing my will on the materials; it’s more of an amicable negotiation about possibilities. In that negotiation, the materials change, and I change too, so that we both evolve together. The end result is not just the made thing; it’s also the experience of having danced that dance, and I understand the world and my own mind better for it.

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For me, love has no parts. It is a wholeness.

Sure, people might point out various aspects of the object of love, but that is a conceit. That is an artifact of how we humans like to parse things. It gives us a way of talking and imagining we understand things. It is not, however the whole story. And the whole story is how we understand love: wholeness.

Love is a whole thing. It is about completeness. Lack of separation.

Wholeness. Completeness. Allness. That’s what I love of love. Except it isn’t “of” love. It is love.

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Love for me has a wide range. From a quiet stillness that seems to hold your beating heart in soft warm hands to a fiery passion that engulfs your mind and heart and never seems to burn out.

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@thorninmud Not to trivialize what you put so well, but that’s how I feel about cooking. Plus you please other people as well as yourself and you don’t have a product that hangs around until you figure out how to get rid of it. I love it.

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