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Is there language unique to fluther? What is it?

Asked by phoenyx (7388points) June 6th, 2008

It seems like every online community develops their own terms, acronyms and phrases. Are there any on fluther that you’ve noticed? For example, I think AC coined the term “lurvert.”

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We don’t have a language, but we do have our own jargon or set of terms.

A few examples are:
Fluthering- the act of using fluther
Flutherite- a user of fluther
Lurve- lurve needs no definition
Zack- a horrible creature. It is the most vile organism known to

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GQ’ed – gave good question lurve.
“I totally GQ’ed phoenyx. Holla!”

GA’ed – gave good answer lurve.
“MisterBlueSky85 ain’t gettin’ GA’ed by THIS playa. Baaalllinn’!”

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haha nice, i have never heard of those, but i like how u “pimped” those descriptions by throwin holla and ballin on the end

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oh and, i GA’ed the shit out of your post

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Fluther is the new

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The only language native to Fluther is good language. You will be burned at the stake if your don’t use proper language on Fluther.

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The preferred language is the Queen’s English, but I know that is asking a lot from some flutherers. I am constantly amazed at how garbled Q & A’s become when people deviate too much from standard English. Is it ignorance, a need to be “cool” (whatever that means today” or just sloppiness? “Baallinn!” and “holla” don’t light my fire; neither do run-on sentences, guesswork, filler words (like, kinda, sorta,) but you know me.

You may loathe my Q/As; but I believe that they are usually understandable.

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For me, I am delighted to see clarity of thought and wit any time. I do lke the use of Fluther as a verb. To fluther, fluthering, etc.

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I especially like fluthering as a Gerund.

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