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What issues do you want president Obama to tackle in his 2nd term and what issues do you expect him to tackle?

Asked by tedd (14048points) November 9th, 2012

When Obama was elected the first time four years ago, everyone had great hopes about everything he would accomplish. Despite what was actually a pretty accomplished record, many of his fervent followers were left disheartened after 4 years. They didn’t feel he’d accomplished the things he set out to. We could argue over how successful his first term was, but that’s not my goal here…

In an effort to lay out flat what your expectations are for the second term, what do you want President Obama to tackle in the next 4 years? What issue would leave you disappointed if Obama failed to solve it or ignored it completely? What issues do you think the president will get to in his second term? Some example issues to follow:
-The debt/deficit
-Welfare/SS/Medicare/Medicaid reform
-Tax reform
-Going with all 3 /\, the Fiscal Cliff issue
-Iran and it’s nuclear program
-The drawdown in Afghanistan and continued war on Terror
-Syrian Civil War
-Approach to Muslim-spring movements and middle east in general
-Education reform
-Marijuana legalization and the war on drugs in general
-Gay Marriage
-Immigration Reform
-Relations with other world powers (China, Russia, EU, etc)

What do you want to see, and what will you consider a failure or success? Don’t feel limited to one item either.

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