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Where can I find the best resources on dysgraphia in the web?

Asked by duribe100 (4points) November 9th, 2012

Hi lads, I am looking for the best resources in the web for dysgraphic students.

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10 Helpful Dysgraphia Resources

Most of the people within the Autism community follow the tips found here

Accommodations: providing alternatives
Modifications: altering expectations
Remediation: providing instruction for improving handwriting and writing skills

Most of us in the Autism community use Handwriting Without Tears or similar teaching alternatives.

There are apps for tablets that are also extremely helpful students with processing disorders.

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My oldest was very dysgraphic so I taught him how to type. His writing is still pretty messy but, thankfully, in today’s day and age you can really get by without having to hand write very much.

I’ve heard very good things about Handwriting Without Tears, @SpatzieLover

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I failed to add above, that some young children with dysgraphia do better skipping printing altogether by going straight to cursive. Others (including my husband) do better with learning the basics and writing only when necessary.

@tranquilsea HWT was a lifesaver for my son. His handwriting is better than most peers ;). However, for him, due to his difficulties, he prefers to write when necessary. He does better having me write his numbers (he dictates his math answers) for him.

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