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Is my dog sick?

Asked by Judi (39784points) November 9th, 2012

Poor Molly will be 15 in February. She already takes medicine for incontinence and is blind and can’t hear as well as she used to.

Every fall, she looses her summer coat and there is hair EVERYWHERE! This year, she hasn’t dropped any hair.

Is this this a symptom of something or should I just shut up and be thankful?

She is a Queensland Sheltie mix.

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We used to clip our sheltie in the summer to keep her comfortable, and her dense coat would grow back again by winter. But when she got very old (17), her coat never really grew back after that last clipping. Maybe there just comes a time in an old dog’s life when the hair production shuts down, and since shedding is caused by new hairs pushing out the old ones, I guess that would stall the shedding process, too.

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Give fish oil to dog. Its healthy for their fur and will help keep it healthy.

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I never heard of this, I put my akita down at age 14 and he was still shedding like mad! But it doesn’t sound like a life threatening situation.

What is a Queensland Sheltie?

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She is mixed. Queensland healer and Sheltie.

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I’ve had elderly animals shed more, shed less, not shed, become white/gray, or develop bald spots.

I’d say, if it’s a noticeable change for you @Judi, then it’s worth watching over.

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@Judi – here in Australia there are all sorts of heelers. There are blue, red, stumpy tailed and on, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Queensland one. What does she look like? They are usually roan type here. I think my dingo is part cattle dog or red heeler.

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She looks kind of like these dogs but she’s mostly white with black markings.

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I love those dogs, yep cattle dogs and heelers all have that look. If you could see my dingo in full, you would see her markings are similar but she has the body and head shape of the dingo. I didn’t realize these sorts of dogs were found outside of Australia. I bet your Molly is super smart and cunning. They are thinking dogs, one of the reason I love them along with akitas and bouvs. Their doggy brains are always working on their next caper. And they often live to ripe old age which your obviously has done as well.

They recently made a movie called Red Dog which is about a red kelpie. They are good dogs too. If you have a chance watch the movie, it is nice to see.

Anyhow, we send good energy to your old girl and hope you have more time together.

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