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What will my first ultrasound be like?

Asked by Brenna_o (1729points) November 9th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m having my first ultrasound Thursday afternoon and I will be 7 weeks pregnant then. I’m wondering will it be external? Also what should I expect to see?

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It’s been a long time, but I recall that it was external for my wife. I think you can see the heartbeat(s). They looked like flickering lights on the ultrasounds they used twelve years ago. I imagine things look a good deal more sharp these days. Also in my day, it was all black and white. Perhaps they use false color these days to enhance the display? I don’t know.

They’ll spread some goo on your stomach in the area where they will place the wand. It’ll be some pressure, but it didn’t look uncomfortable to me, and my wife never said anything bad about it.

Good luck! It’s very exciting!

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Male and I’ve had a couple of them for other reasons, but there is no pressure. It’s very very easy. They’ll rub some gel on you and then run the sensor over you.

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When I had ultrasounds that early on, they did both internal and external.

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They could use a vaginal probe that early in your pregnancy. take a shower that morning just in case. It all depens on the doctors orders. I would call your doctors office and ask.

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Yep, at seven weeks as @Judi points out it will almost certainly be a vaginal ultrasound probe. The baby doesn’t look like a baby will at a later stage of development – but they should be able to show you (and measure) the yolk sac and maybe even hear a heartbeat. (Oftentimes a heartbeat cannot be discerned until about 10 weeks of pregnancy).
It’s still early days – so don’t be disappointed if they can’t do much more than tell you if you are carrying just one baby or multiples..that’s about all they can do this early on.

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@Brenna_o, I believe you’ve gotten your answer to what you can expect with your first ultrasound. I wanted to share something else with you. I hope you enjoy this. Best wishes with the pregnancy.

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They couldn’t see it externally… But saw internally which sucked. Everything looks healthy 135 heartbeat.

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