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If you voted for Romney did you vote for him or against Obama?

Asked by jrpowell (40434points) November 9th, 2012

I did the same in 2004. I didn’t really like Kerry but I wanted Bush gone and that was my motivation.

Is anyone willing to admit that they did the same this round?

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It’s how I would have voted (against Romney) if I were 18 4 weeks ago instead of one from now, and I think it’s how my father voted as well.

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Against Obama

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Actually, for Johnson. Here in Texas if I was not voting for the republican candidate, my vote did not matter. Had it had a chance in hell of making a difference I would have voted against Ryan and Romney. Obama has just been so-so on liberal issues.

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I marked the little circle next to Obama’s name on my ballot, but it was more of a vote against Romney than one for Obama.

If Obama’s main opponent had been Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson instead of Romney, I would have voted for one of them.

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Yawn…oops, sorry ;¬}
I’d imagine theirs was a pure protest vote against the “black messiah” it’s not like Romney brought anything to the table now is it?

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I voted against both.

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I will always vote against authoritarian conservatives, so this question is a non-issue to me when referring to ‘them’. I liked Kerry so I voted for him over W. I didn’t care for Gore, but I knew I wasn’t going vote for W Bush so I went third party that year. I like Obama, though he would not be my first choice for president, but I knew I preferred him by a longshot over the alternative. I might be willing to support a Gary Johnson type Republican though.

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