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What are good activities or methods to keep an audience interested?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) November 9th, 2012

I have a presentation in my business class. It is graded on how interesting it is to the audience, which are my classmates. Any suggestions on how to keep my audience entertained, and interested? My topic is about the pros and cons of seniority based wages, and I will not be doing a power point presentation. The sky is the limit, and I have approximately 10 minutes for the presentation. I’m racking my brain for ideas, but coming up short.

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Consider how to get your audience to participate in some way but for no more than 90 seconds to two minutes.

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If you do jokes well, they are often a great ice breaker. Consider how you stand and make eye contact with various people during the talk. There are loads of tips I am sure if you google public speaking.

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Props. They can be funny as long as they have some connection or relationship to your subject. You can do this with any but the most serious of topics. In reviewing your points at the end you, can raise the props you used again as you make your points.

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Nudity is a time honored attention grabber.

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If you make them laugh, it makes both you and the audience more relaxed and comfortable. Getting them involved for a little bit always gets their attention. Speak animatedly but not to the point where it is not professional. Make eyes contact. Just be yourself and have confidence, most importantly.

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