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How do I manage Facebook friends groups?

Asked by victord66 (201points) November 10th, 2012

I have several Facebook friends groups. None of the posts by these show up in my general newsfeed. If I am viewing the posts in one of these friends groups and click on the ‘like’ button, will this ‘like’ show up in any of the other friends groups? For example – I have a few close friends and another group called ‘Office’. Posts by members of either group do not show up in my newsfeed. If I am viewing posts by my close friends and ‘like’ or comment on an item, will members of my ‘Office’ group see these?

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Are these groups you created just to sort your friends, or are they actual “facebook groups” you joined.

You should assume that everything you comment or like on facebook will be seen by all your facebook friends, possibly everyone, unless it is posted in a closed or secret group. If you write a comment on someone’s status and their setting is to let everyone see their status, then their status and your comments will be able to be seen by everyone.

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