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How should I dispose of used propane tanks (camp stove size)?

Asked by janbb (56783points) November 10th, 2012

A few of them might have some gas in them still. Can i just throw them in the trash?

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Keep in mind that there will always be propane in the tank until someone (someone else, who knows how to handle the closed container by removing the valve or purging it with nitrogen or carbon dioxide before cutting it) opens it up and fully purges it or vents it “through and through” to atmosphere. Even a nominally “empty” propane tank contains propane, only it’s at atmospheric pressure, meaning “propane at the same pressure as the ambient pressure”. There’s propane in the cylinder, but it hasn’t got enough positive pressure to push out, so that cylinder is still dangerous if anyone attempts to cut it open. People are killed every year by attempting to cut open fuel cylinders and barrels without taking the proper precautions to purge and / or clean them first.

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So @CWOTUS are you saying that I shouldn’t throw them in the trash after they are “empty”?

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Hazardous waste.

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OK – thanks.

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String them all together with a fuse and send them to your ex husband. Tell him you are making home made party poppers.
Let him ring in the new year with a big bang! lol

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I take the valve all the way out, and the city picks them up in the metal recycle bin.

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Here we can call the county transfer station and find out when we can bring hazardous waste materials down to them…several times a year.

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They can be refilled and re-used (technically against the law, but easy to do). I have also seen collection bins for them (although it’s been a while) at a sporting goods store near my home.

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