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What kinds of things did you do to people who pass out at a party?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) November 10th, 2012

When I was in College I remember waiting for Freshmen to pass out so that we could ‘Decorate’ them. Drawing mustaches on them, transporting them to the Girls dorm, Stacking stuff on them and taking pictures. As I asked friends My group was pretty mild in things we did. I heard mention of gluing a guy’s feet into his shoes, spray painting their bodies and stuff like that. What kind of things did you do?

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Nothing, that’s mean.

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Duct tape was a favorite. It’s fun to teach someone to be more responsible with their liquor by taping them in random places throughout the house. Of course, I’m not down with public humiliation .. and you have to have the right type of friends to do this sort of thing. You know… they can’t be pansies.

Over the years my friends have figured out which people are too emotionally fragile to handle such things and we leave them alone. For everyone else it’s fair game. Most of the time, though, people are just more responsible about their drinking habits lest they become the butt of the next joke.

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Sit/stand near them so no one messes with them. Carry/drive them home if necessary.

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Cover them up.

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Nothing. We would just be glad if they didn’t pass out in the bathroom.

On the other hand, my ex-boss-from-Hell used to laugh about how all the guys took turns raping a girl who would pass out at parties. Before going to a party, he would always ask if she was going to be there.
Yes, I am serious.

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Dont fall asleep with your shoes on :P

Honestly though I never really did anything that bad to people while passed out. I’d just feel like way to much of a dick if I drew all over someone while they were sleeping or something like that.

While its absolutely nothing compared to what most do, I think my favorite thing I ever did to a passed out friend was write “Andy” on the bottom of his sock with a sharpie, backwards N and all. Its the little things in life that make me happy lol

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I think my girl friends and I might have painted a guy’s fingernails once. I’d never do anything that was difficult to get rid of, or would hurt anyone.

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I was never at a party where people passed out.

I think when I was young, I felt like I was kind of a loser for not going to such parties. But now I’m glad I never had the experience. That sounds like a very sad experience, to me.

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I never participated in anything degrading or exploitive, infact, I defended a girl once when I was 16 whom was being messed with by some guys at a party while she was passed out. I put a stop to that right quick! ;-)
I did however,once write ” wasted and worthless“on a passed out boyfriends chest with my lipstick. haha I HATE, stupid, sloppy drunk people.

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@Coloma How is writing “wasted and worthless” on his chest not degrading?

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Nothing. Once I was passed out from drinking at a party, and I woke up the next morning with a blanket on me and somebody put a pillow under my head, and a bucket besides the couch, I guess in case I had to puke in it. (got sick before passing out)
I guess it can be funny to write something on someone, but if you’re partying with friends, it would be nice to know that they could take care of you if you drink too much, or at the very least, leave you alone. I don’t go to many parties, but any practical joke I’d play on someone, they would be well awake and conscious, even if they were drunk, but not when they’re passed out and defenseless.

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I ahve never been at a party where someone passed out from drunkenness.

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@augustlan I was thinking sexually degrading, but yes, it could be considered degrading, certainly. I considered it a message from the heart. lol

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^^ only counts if pictures are taken. lol

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Mostly we just putt them to bed to sleep it off. I had a roommate come home from the prom with an unexplained bite missing from a falsie she was wearing. Never did find out what had happened. She didn’t know (she said)

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Getting them home safely was always the number one priority. It was partly out of empathy, and partly out of “OMG, what if it were me?” So I always tried to get my buddies safely home and tucked into bed.

Then, mustaches. :D

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I’m not a teenager anymore, so I put a blanket on them. Although we used to write on them with sharpie and put flour on them.

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I just stretch them out so they’re comfortable and out of the way. I figure they’ll have enough punishment when they wake up so I don’t mess with them.

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