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Should this happen when starting up on birth control pills again?

Asked by Xkitsume (23points) November 10th, 2012

So I just started taking Birth control again after 3 months of not being on it (insurance reasons) and I’m almost to my 3rd week of pills, I had noticed a couple days ago that my nipples not my breasts, are extremely sore, and I mean extremely sore cannot touch them at all without pain. I don’t remember getting this when I had originally started the pill 3 years ago. I haven’t had any sexual relations lately and am careful when me and my partner mess around, but just wondering if this is a normal reaction. I’ve looked everyone and have only found side affects affecting the breast but nothing on how it may affect the sensitivity of your nipples. Please someone help me I don’t know if this is normal!

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Yes, they can cause nipple tenderness. Side effects should go away within three months.

“Nipple Pain Underlying Cause

Common causes of breast pain include:

Drug side effect:
Birth control pills”


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Nipple tenderness is one thing but I think that being SO sensitive that you can’t even touch them without PAIN is a little more than that. If it keeps up much longer I’d ask a professional. Sounds like a pain in the butt.

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I think it is odd for it happen this time and not before if you are taking the same exact pill. Is it possible they are just very dry? Have you had your heater on at home? Do you have any discharge coming from your nipples?

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BC pills trick the body into thinking it’s already PG, and tender breasts come with being PG, so I’d say it’s normal. But…check with your doctor.

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