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I'm new. Should I be worried that a user named "baby4luv20" propositioned me by a private message?

Asked by FreshlyBaked (626points) November 11th, 2012

She sounds like she’s in desperate need of attention.

Should I respond?

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She just spammed me too, silly girl didn’t check that she was spamming a mod. I’ve banned her.

If anyone gets similar PMs please flag them.

btw welcome to Fluther. I hope this experience hasn’t put you off.

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“Binta” gets around. :-)

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As far as I can tell, the purpose of this kind of spam is to develop a fake friendship/romance and when they think you’ve fallen in love with them, they beg you for money. Plus they probably also sell your email address.

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Dear Downtide, if only a woman could still get a “rise” out of me, I’d be tickled pink. As it is, I’ll have to settle for being warm and doughy.

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I was abused as well :(


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@FutureMemory Whoa, why don’t you read all your questions and activity? That’s a huge number!

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@downtide How do you flag a PM? I was only able to delete it…

jrpowell's avatar <—Let them know of the affection you received and I crave.

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johnpowell, I’m sure she would love to warm your buns.

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@bhec10 Good question – apparently you can’t. Best bet then is to send one of the mods a PM about it.

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Funny timing. Another site I frequent has had similar spamming in the PM system :/

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I got the same PM spam, and was also wondering how to report it. I came here to look for the user, and report them personally, but I guess that’s already been done.

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I didn’t get a message like that. What am I? Chopped liver?

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@filmfann, it’s the first one I’ve had in four years.

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Yeah, this kind of thing happens from time to time. Best thing to do is alert a mod by PM, or send an email to the contact address. Glad to see our trusty mods have already dealt with this one. Welcome to Fluther!

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Hey, bebbeh. Wat’s yer sign?

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@WillWorkForChocolate how about “No entry”!

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She hit on all you guys too? I am so crestfallen!

@FreshlyBaked Welcome to Fluther. At my age, I can totally relate to your comments about “rising” to the occasion. The good news is the Moderators here are extremely quick to spot the occasional spammer and summarily toss them out. Which is just where baby4luv20 and guys like him belong.

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Babyluv isn’t the only person to have sent these. I’ve gotten a few of these myself from various users, but like her none of them are here anymore. They’re nothing to worry about and it is best to ignore them, and the mods will get at them anyways.

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Hey, we mods aren’t psychic! Send us a PM or we won’t know upon whom to drop the Hammer of Doom.

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Has anyone sent an email to that with a dummy acocunt? I’m curious to see if there would be a response of some sort or just automated spamming.

Who knows, you might get to tap some sexy internet azz.

Then get some sexy internet aids.

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^^ That’s funny, I read that as inter-maids. Just saw a bunch of you mods vacuuming my floors and washing my winders.

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Pfft. I don’t even wash my own winders.

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@XOIIO I was tempted to do that. And send her a photo of Brad Pitt. Or what would be more funny, send her a pic like this

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@downtide How did you ever get a picture of me?

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