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Which album are you most ashamed to have owned?

Asked by bhec10 (6458points) November 11th, 2012

Inspired by this article

I’ll go first.

For me, probably Spice by the Spice Girls, although in my defense I shared it with my sister!
Also, Hot Shot by Shaggy and anything by Craig David should be in my top 10 somewhere.

I’m sure someone is going to mention Nickelback at some point :)

Your turn!

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I do not own any albums that I am ashamed of owning.
And I am not ashamed of liking this either.

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I think I once bought a Donny Osmond album. He was so cute but so un cool.

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Probably this one, although this was probably the worst one I ever bought.

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@Judi LOL…us oldies but goodies.

Mine has to be ” The best of Bread”. haha
I was addicted to that album when I was 14 and used to play it over and over again and take it babysitting with me.

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I don’t have any albums I’m ashamed of. Not even my two Nickelback albums.

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Another vote for none. There may have been a time when I would have been embarrassed to admit that I owned the first three Partridge Family albums, plus a stack of their bubble gum collector cards, but that would have been decades ago.

@Coloma That was a great album…perfect music for a teenage make-out session.

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Then there was “The Summer of 72” which didn’t even have the original artists singing the songs I soon found out. I ordered it from a TV ad and had to give my mom cash and have her write a check to send it in for me. I used my babysitting money and waited months for it to arrive.

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When I was about 14, for reasons that remain unclear, I bought, with actual real money, an album of Great Western Themes.
These included themes from The Good the Bad & the Ugly, Bonanza, A Fistful of Dollars…etc.
I came to my senses after only a short while & “frisbeed” the fucker out of my bedroom window, it’s probably still travelling I flung it that hard.

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@ragingloli My grandkids are with you on the Lucky Star vid

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I readily admit to be horribly ashamed by owning and (playing extensively) Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell.

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@Pied_Pfeffer LOL…The Partridge Family…..oh man, time warp Sunday.
Hey….reminds me, I used to live in a town named “Pleasant Valley” and always thought of the Monkeys song “another pleasant valley Sun-day-ay….. ;-p

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The worst album I ever owned was probably Gerardo’s Rico Suave album. Not embarrassed to have had it, no, but Milli Vanilli had more quality that this guy.

Because of that album, I got into giggling fits at my great-grandmother’s funeral. We sang along to the album on the way to the funeral, but When the Lights Go Out was a horrible ear-worm—it started in my head just as the pastor started butchering my great-grandmother’s life story. The juxtaposition of “When the Lights Go Out” with the clueless pastor and my dead great-grandmother was just too much. I started choking back my giggles, but the harder I tried, the worse the giggles got. I stuffed tissue into my mouth, held more tissue to my nose but couldn’t stop.

Fortunately, everyone around me thought I was just distraught and sobbing. Ehh… if they only knew.

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@Judi I did the same thing! The name of the group was Original Artists supposedly, so that is how they got around the advertisement saying “hits by the Original Artists”!
I had an album from Air Supply. {hangs head}

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Leo Sayer Endless Flight.

I heard a song on the air and happened to be on the way to a record store and bought it along with a bunch of other albums. I was so embarrassed, I even hid it in my roommates record stack but he found it and told me in front of a bunch of people “keep your Leo Sayer out of my records!” .

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Backstreet’s back, alright! Wait, there’s no way to make that text even smaller?

I have never been ashamed, however, of owning Savage Garden’s fantastic self-titled debut album, although that has led to endless ragging for being a fruit. I am one, I concede. They should have kept their rock/electronic/dance edge, which was what they were really good at, but they went pop with their second album. And then, ya know, Darren Hayes finally came out of the closet, surprising no one…

@linguaphile: Great story. It made me think of the Chuckles the Clown sketch from the Mary Tyler Moore show.

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Working Class Dog
by Rick Springfield

I had no idea he was a Soap Opera star, but I loved “Jessie’s Girl”. The album was pretty good actually.

but yeah, uncool

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Hmmm, probably a tie between Color Me Badd and Crash Test Dummies. Though I still like two of the Crash Test Dummies songs. <hangs head in shame>

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I used to own a Bay City Rollers album. I also had a Shawn Cassidy album. (What? I was in elementary school!)

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I wouldn’t say ashamed, which is a pretty strong word, but I’ll give you a little pink-cheeked embarrassment for this one, the original 1968 vinyl edition, bought while it was still warm. And I never even saw him on TV. I bought it for the novelty of it.

A close second would probably be a vinyl LP of songs recorded variously by the four stars of TV’s Bonanza series, not all of whom could sing. It seems to be mercifully absent from the online marketplace at present.

[Edit] Uh-oh, wait, there it is.

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Falco’s (not sure of the title anymore). I was in Vienna in 1986, the price was in schillings and I miscalculated. Thought I was paying 10 times less than I really was, for a chromium cassette (yes, not even vinyl) which I eventually wrote over.

Priding myself in my ability to do simple divisions in my head, I am more ashamed of making the currency conversion mistake than of buying the album itself, which apart from “Amadeus” and a crappy version of a Bob Dylan song, had nothing of interest anyway.

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I found a Rhianna CD behind the back seat of a car I bought and I even tried to listen to it…for about 15 seconds. I suppose I technically owned it.

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None. I like what I like, and fuck what people think lol.

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I have the Virgin Killer album with the original cover, which is the closest I’ve ever come to owning kiddie porn. Can’t say I’m really ashamed. I did almost lose my eBay account when I tried to sell it, though.

@bookish1I still know the dance. Seriously. And I’m thoroughly in love with Darren Hayes, and I don’t care that he will never love me back.

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I remember the big stink about that Scorpions record jacket. Which of course made everyone want to have it.

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