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Serious funny business: what tickles your funny bone?

Asked by FreshlyBaked (626points) November 11th, 2012

Are you addicted to the funny page of the newspaper? Do you love the opening monologues of late night talk show hosts? Do you get your news from Comedy Central’s John Stewart or Stephen Colbert? Do you go to stand-up comedy clubs in your city?

What makes you laugh?

I love the funny pages of the newspaper. There’s nothing better.

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@Blondesjon, @AstroChuck, @SavoirFaire, @FutureMemory, @thorninmud, @Jeruba @janbb @CWOTUS…for starters.

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The misery of others, mainly my enemies.

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The thing that makes me laugh the most, is joking with my friend Fernando. Our sense of humor is so in tune, its just constant laughter.

Lately, I have been watching Bill Burr do stand up. He is one of the few living comedians who can get me to laugh out loud when I’m alone watching him.

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Work place humor and much more. But a day without laughing at work is a long one indeed.

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I listen to stand-up comedy on Pandora sometimes. John Mulaney has been cracking me up lately.

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I thought Pandora was just for music.

How do you get stand up comedy on Pandora?

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Pillows genuinely make me laugh. I’m serious, just looking at them, poking them or hearing the sound it makes when you move your head on them makes me laugh. Or at least make a really big smile. but I might have problems

But as something that’s actually meant to be funny, I like the angry video game nerd. It’s not really all the swearing and ranting he does that cracks me up, rather than the facial expressions he makes.


When I feel like laughing I check out his videos. He’s got about 100 of them, and recently he barely posts anymore, but still.

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Balls… seriously, I have tennis elbow.

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Seriously, I have trouble not laughing when I witness something funny and oftentimes just the memory of it is enough to set me off. My friends know this, so they milk it as much as they can. And it doesn’t help that I’m super ticklish, out of which, again, my friends get a good kick.

At the moment, my favorite stand-up comedian is Russell Peters. Never fails to make me laugh, regardless of how many times I see his skits.

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@Buttonstc: Simply make a new channel and type in a favorite comic. George Carlin for example. Save, and you’ll hear Carlin and maybe Robin Williams, Louis CK, etc.

Once your station is up and running, you can choose “add variety” and toss in some more comics you may like.

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Chickadees, Nuthatches, then Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, and Baby Blues. Go Hammie.

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@Symbeline, @ucme (except when he talks about his willy too much), @ETpro…

Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Visionary, hilarious, pioneering. Seriously, if you’ve only ever seen The Holy Grail, or even The Life of Brian or The Meaning of Life, you have no idea how much better The Flying Circus is.

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@bookish1 Hee-hee, you said willy, that was my nickname at school as well.

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I follow a bunch of silly Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. They all brighten moments of my day.

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Adding that Dutchman, @rebbel, to my list.

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LOL look at this huge pillow!

I realize it’s probably not really a pillow, but I want one!

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OK @Symbeline , j’avoue, that pillow did make me laugh :D

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