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Does anyone own an Android smartphone and iPad?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6406points) November 12th, 2012

I am wondering how they may/could work together. I have an android phone and am thinking about asking fro an iPad for X-mas. Will the apps I play on my phone translate and update in the iPad? Are there any cons in having this combination?

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I have an Android phone and an iPad 2. I regret the iPad purchase – especially now that the $199 Nexus 7 is here. I think it depends on what you will be using an iPad for. If you are going to do some gaming, go ahead. There is nothing to worry. But if you are an Android fan and are heavily invested in Google services (gmail, etc), you might be frustrated with the iPad. My wife (and Android user) still yells at me about the iPad because it lacks some basic web browsing features.

One of the problems with Android users is that once you are exposed to a certain level of functionality, moving to iOS can feel like a step back in time.

Why don’t you try spending some time in an Apple store and see what you think.

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I agree; try before you buy (or have one bought for you) to make sure it’s really what you want.

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@tom_g That’s a first – someone regretting the iPad. I would be using it for web browsing, apps, showing my portfolios, and other things I hope to discover I can do with it. I wouldn’t say I am heavily invested in Google products. I am an Android user b/c I am a Verizon customer and when I got my first smartphone they did not offer the iPhone, and when I just upgraded recently, they were out of stock in the iPhones, and my phone was dead, so I had to get another droid. I have a gmail account, but don’t use it, only in the play store and how it’s linked to my phone. I do use the Google calendar though. Interesting to hear that iOS would feel like a step back – in what way? I haven’t used a mac product in a long time! I will definitely hang out in the mess that the Apple stores around me are all the time.
@jerv Thanks for the affirmation :)

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@Ponderer983 – The iPad might be for you. You might not be annoyed by the extra steps and missing features. There are some Google Calendar replacements on iOS, like Calengoo. But again, if you have become accustomed to Android’s notification system, you might just end up disabling the iOS notifications altogether, due to their uselessness.

One thing to consider now is the size (full size or iPad mini). The 7 inch tablet seems to be the way to go for around the house web browsing, etc.
Good luck.

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I have a similar situation to yours except in reverse. I have an iPhone and an Android tablet.

What I like about this arrangement is that I get the benefits of each OS and the various apps.

There are many apps which are available for both Android and IOS but there are also a significant number which are not.

So by having the two different devices I basically have the best of both worlds.

Most dissatisfaction I’ve had has been related to the device itself rather than each OS.

Even tho the ipad will now be available in a smaller size (which I prefer) I’m not really planning to get one. I’ve found that I really like being able to use both OSs and you may find the same is true for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that most major app developers of very popular apps are doing IOS apps first and eventually Android as well quite a bit later.

If you can afford an ipad, I’d say go for it. if you discover a year later or so that you don’t like it for whatever reason, they hold their value really well and are highly desired so you wouldn’t have any problem ar all in selling it.

I don’t think the same is true of most Android tablets. There are a few reasons I’m not getting an ipad and cost is one. The other, of course, is that for me it would be a needless duplication since I already have an iPhone that I’m quite happy with.

But if I had an Android phone, I would definitely get an ipad rather than an Android tablet.

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@Buttonstc Having the best of both worlds and being able to use platform-exclusive apps is a good thing.

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Anyone who does not love the iPad needs to have their heads examined fast. Maybe they’ve had a severe head trauma. I am in absolute love with my iPad. It is the best creation since sliced bread. You can do anything on this thing besides cook a hamburger. The only people I find who says they hate it is the ones who really don’t have one and can’t afford one. None of those copycats can even come close. Apple is king. The only cons I could say is they may have outdone themselves after creating such an epic groundbreaking piece of brilliance=)

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@victornewman You must not be serious about computing. Trust me, there are many things I can do with my Android phone and tablet that I could not even attempt with iOS. I’ve had both and iOS can so far from meeting my needs that the only thing that saved my iPod Touch from the blender was a teenage cousin saying, “Gimme!”.

But you probably have no need for analyzing wifi signals (Apple banned all apps that can do that), nor do you have any requirements for an actual file system that allows multiple apps to access the same copy of a document (I hope they fixed that!), you don’t mind only being able to sync to iTunes unnder your account instead of getting any file from any computer, even over wifi, and you are perfectly fine without access to third-party apps, so I can see how you would prefer the walled garden of the closed-source Apple world, but I like porn (can’t get those apps for iOS), I like tools that allow me to work (the type of apps that, as I said above, are banned by Apple), I need a real file system that is compatible with Windows and Linux-based remote machines, I like using standard data/power connectors instead of proprietary plugs, and the ability to swap SD cards and batteries is sometimes a must-have.

The iDevice world has things to offer some people, but they sure as hell don’t offer me anything. I know I will never buy another iOS device again, and any I get for free will be gifted away as I find them useless for my needs/desires.

So I stand by my assertion that one should try before you buy and see if it actually works for you. Consider both, and do not dismiss either until you have ample reason to do so. (More ample than the words of an Apple Fanboi or Android Curmudgeon anyways.)

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So I need to have my head examined because i’m not going to get an ipad?

That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?

For me it would be like getting a giant size iPhone. I already have a regular size iPhone so why would I want to get a larger size duplicate of it?

That’s ridiculous and I’m not that wealthy so my head is doing just fine, thank you very much.

With an Android tablet, I can get a whole world of different apps not available on IOS. And, trust me, there are PLENTY.

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