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What programming language is best for my project?

Asked by davidhimself (47points) November 12th, 2012

I have an actual project I need to accomplish. I would like to build an app that lets me do the following:
-Register students in a DB.
-Once they take their tests, load them accordingly.
-Allow students to access their grades (current and previous) with a password.
I have a language academy. I want to build an app that can be scaled, from a simple app that allows me to record the students’ test results to one that lets me handle the registration process, add manual payments, etc.
I have very basic programming knowledge. I am willing to learn.
My app needs to first let me organize students into classes, record the students’ grades, and allow students to check their grades online. It would be a plus if the app (once working) could store data locally and then upload it when there is a working internet connection.
What programming language would allow me to this best/easily?

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